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5 Activities that Seniors with Dementia Can Try

Oct 20, 2022

Establishing a daily schedule is absolutely fundamental for someone living with dementia. Elderly folks who have dementia may grow more and more agitated as their intellectual function slowly deteriorate as dementia progresses. Unfortunately, it will have the potential to lead the dementia patient to develop negative behaviours including irritability, aggressiveness, and restlessness.

In times of confusion or disorientation, having order in their day provides older adults with much-needed consistency. The fact that these practices are not required to be rigidly adhered to should be kept in mind. Certainly, provide stability with activities for dementia patients with greater emphasis rather than conformity.

What It’s Like Living With Dementia

In general, dementia is a slowly developing, degenerative disorder that begins to impair cognitive abilities in its early stages. The main underlying factors include improper protein accumulation around brain cells, impaired protein structures inside the brain, or broken links between brain cells.

In its conventional definition, dementia comprises a variety of memory impairments or cognitive problems that can significantly interfere with a patient’s everyday activities. Although it is frequently used to describe mild cognitive impairment, it can also refer to a variety of problems, such as issues with language, memory, and intellect. Depending on the risk factors and actions that the specific patient takes, this may change. One should be aware of and comprehend them in order to effectively manage them.

Oftentimes patients with dementia would no longer be interested in activities they once loved owing to the nature of their condition. Nevertheless, giving dementia patients hobbies can sometimes be soothing and effectively lessen anxieties brought on by their condition.

5 Fun Activities Elders With Dementia Should Try to Fill Their Days

Although the majority of types of dementia are incurable, there are certain methods that play games and engaging in hobbies can delay the deterioration of one’s intellectual capacity. Following are a few things you could attempt with your ageing loved one who has dementia if you’re seeking ways to keep them engaged:

1. Memory Challenges

It is incredibly beneficial for seniors to play a variety of games because doing so can improve their brain function and cognition. In along with engaging in traditional memory games and sensory activities, you can encourage your older family member to play video games for sensory stimulation. If when taken in moderation, it might also be a healthy method for individuals to pass the time, stay active, and feel happier. Whenever playing with those around, a new activity like this one can help patients make new acquaintances or simply become free of their loneliness, which has positive effects on their mental well-being.

2. Art

One of the most common types of treatments used for seniors to help them lower their anxiety and enhance their hand-eye coordination is art therapy. As they engage in activities like singing, sketching, painting, dressmaking, writing, visual art, carving, book clubs, knitting, and crocheting, as well as other creative hobbies, it may be a great creative pastime that might also help seniors develop their artistic skills. Better, it improves problem-solving skills, emotional regulation, concentration, and memory.

3. Baking and Cooking

It can be quite beneficial for an elderly person to pick up one or even more fun activity if they spend the majority of their day alone and are normally restricted to following treatment regimens for early dementia and everyday tasks. They can pursue an assortment of subjects that pique their interest, like baking, which is an incredibly therapeutic activity for elderly people who love to cook. Through this exercise, elders can express themselves, remain creative, and unwind. Moreover, it requires all of their attention, encouraging them to focus and use all of their senses.

4. Collage and Board Games

Traditional board games can dramatically enhance memory and preserve mental performance. Such include chess, jigsaw puzzles, sudoku, crossword puzzles, and similar activities. Additionally, they offer the added advantage of inducing meditation, which eases anxiety and lowers blood pressure.

Let their creative side run wild with the variety of crafting options. Invite them to participate in any craft activity that allows them to express their creative side like making collages of their favourite memories, like of their spouse, children, grandkids, friends, or it can even recall a former office worker. In turn, this can assist them in regaining recollections that could feel as though they are a breath of fresh air.

5. Rhythm Tasks and Movements

Regular physical activity is one of the most major considerations you can do to enhance your wellness as you age. All of these can help prevent or postpone the majority of health problems that appear to arise as we age. Plus, it helps the elderly person to benefit from health advantages including muscle development, allowing them to preserve their mobility while performing daily tasks.

Your elderly loved ones’ well-being will also substantially improve with increased physical exercise. Give an elderly relative or friend some exercises that will enable them to generate endorphins. You can get them to sign up for a fitness class, go for a brisk stroll in the neighbourhood park, or join an exercise group.

Joining Communities Is Helpful Too

The need to exercise and partake in things that will keep seniors active and significantly less prone to the illnesses of ageing intensifies as people grow older. Senior citizens can participate in a range of activities and communities in an old folks home which might make them healthy and fulfilled. The range of senior-friendly possibilities available inside the facilities means that everybody will find something with which to enjoy. Pick one of these worthwhile pursuits, and simply spend time with your elderly family members straight away.

Caring for Dementia Patients Can Be Fun

When planning games and entertainment for elderly individuals suffering from dementia, there are still a number of mistakes you should avoid, despite the fact that they could appear like fun activities. Preparing for various dementia activities requires taking into account the physical and cognitive constraints of the individual without highlighting what they are no longer able to achieve.

Games and other pastimes can be planned that respect their limits and preserve their dignity as elderly individuals. Concentrate on the enjoyable element of their life in assisted living as opposed to the aspect of accomplishments.

Live Fully With Dementia

Particularly for individuals receiving elderly care Singapore, having to learn how else to care for a family member who has dementia can be daunting. Even though it could be challenging, there are a lot of possible advantages to having your loved one at home. One could be guaranteeing that your relative receives individualized care and maintains contact with their friends and family. Your ageing loved one’s life satisfaction can be strengthened by engaging in these activities together, even if they have been diagnosed with dementia.

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