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Singapore’s Finest, Most Reliable Assisted Living Services for Seniors

Having to experience senior living can be easily intimidating, but now it doesn’t have to be. Our focus at our facilities is to enable your loved ones to embrace their senior years.

Half of the individuals who apply for residential care may never need them. And that is where your elderly loved ones may start making the most out of their elderly years, from fine meals to assistance with personal grooming and medication management.

Our assisted living flats are for the seniors who are not particularly sick but are feeble enough to necessitate our staff’s personal care services. Your loved ones get to live in home-like settings where they can participate in various social and recreational activities and make friends with people in their stage of life.

What Is Assisted Living?

For the elderly folks who wish to live individually but need help with activities of daily living, assisted living is an ideal alternative. These activities mainly include showering, clothing, meals, mobility, and other tasks. Around-the-clock care is also offered, allowing the seniors to participate in exciting activities that enhance and develop their skills and abilities. Other services, such as transportation and medical accompaniment, are available for their demands outside the facilities.

Residents of assisted living facilities typically have their own community care apartments or own living rooms, and they share common spaces, including the community garden, where they can organise community activities. Three square meals daily, personal care support, medication assistance, housekeeping, laundry, 24-hour supervision, security, on-site professionals, and recreational and social engagements are all included in the basic service package for the elderly. In addition, the laws governing assisted living communities vary by state.

How Does Assisted Living Work?

Assisted living provides a home-like environment while encouraging residents’ freedom. Regardless of what they feel is ideal for their needs, they can select between flats, private rooms, or shared quarters.

Assisted living is also recognised as an accommodation for people who require specialised medical and personal care. Food, care services, housework, a fitness station, and even a built-in wardrobe are all available through these mandatory service package. Recreational and social services are also available through assisted living.

Several choices are available to disabled or elderly folks who have realised they can no longer function alone. For such a diverse selection list, it’s critical to understand when assisted living is the right approach for your loved ones, as well as any government subsidies they may be eligible for.

Who Is Appropriate for Assisted Living?

If your senior loved ones require assistance with personal care, assisted living is for them. Moreover, senior assisted living staff frequently help with taking a bath, clothing, going to the toilet, bed transfers, and other activities.

Assisted living residents sometimes have a medical condition that prevents independent living, but they are usually active and involved. Hypertension, arthritis, heart problems, and early dementia are common health issues among assisted living patients.

In general, individuals who fit the following criteria are good candidates for assisted living:

  • Elders who live alone at home may no longer be safe due to frequent falls, disorientation or other medical conditions.
  • Elders who have difficulty with housekeeping and keeping up with the maintenance of their home as they become frailer.
  • Elders are at risk of malnutrition and increasing frailty.
  • Elders are experiencing difficulty keeping up with medication regimes due to poor memory and eyesight.
  • Elders have grown more socially isolated due to reduced mobility.

What Are the Advantages of Assisted Living Singapore?

Daily Living Assistance

Assisted living communities were established in Singapore for the purpose of national development, allowing residents to live independently while receiving daily assistance. Assisted living flats, particularly ones recently opened in Bukit Batok West Avenue 9 and other parts of Singapore, offer home care as well as help with grooming and dressing. Several assisted living facilities also provide one or more meals every day to their occupants. With some help, the elderly can keep their independence while having the care they require.

Medical Care Services

Professional nursing assistants are accessible 24/7 in assisted living homes to support residents with getting to and from mealtime and recreation, hygiene practices and clothing, and some other medical needs. The nursing specialists can ensure that residents take their meds and assist them with minor illnesses like colds or fever. Having adequate access to medical care is essential. Even if some residents can be self-sufficient, they may forget to take their prescription or seek support due to minor diseases.

Recreational Activities

More importantly, even if someone is becoming older does not mean they no longer desire to enjoy life. In reality, as we get older, interaction and meaningful involvement become increasingly crucial. Residents in assisted living homes will benefit from this because they provide recreational events like dances and gatherings and tours to restaurants or other local establishments. Assisted living communities also might organise shopping expeditions for their residents over the holidays to give their loved ones some gifts. These activities allow residents to socialise and make connections with one another.

Assisted Living Homes

Instead of the typical clinical and mundane setting of other nursing facilities, our partner homes are built and designed to feel like comfortable homes for the elderly

How We Choose Our Assisted Living Partners

At Retire Genie, we believe that our seniors should have the highest possible level of health. Since the sunset years are genuinely the prime years, we help people live elegantly and profoundly by giving them the facilities and assistance they need to enhance their health and ensure physical and mental capabilities.

Not only that we take great pride in our reasonable standard of premium services, highly skilled staff, and serene environment, but it’s also a perfect place for elders to call home.

To guarantee that our elderly receive the finest care available, we form professional partnerships with assisted living institutions that share our purpose of being the vital link in trying to keep the elderly safe, provided for, and at home.

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  • Difference Between Assisted Living and Nursing Homes

    Although some folks mistakenly believe that assisted living and nursing homes are the same, they are not. Assisted living and nursing homes provide accommodations, meals, and assistance with ADLs, including showering, personal care, and mobility. The primary distinction between the two is that assisted living offers a home-like ambience in a community care apartment. While nursing homes are designed to give care in a far more healthcare setting.
    Apart from a few everyday responsibilities, assisted living inhabitants are often dynamic seniors who remain reasonably independent. Seniors in assisted living do not necessitate 24-hour medical assistance or monitoring, even though they may have some health issues. They might be interested in low-maintenance living in vibrant communal spaces with a wide range of social activities and opportunities to socialise with friends and peers.
    Nursing homes, like assisted living, provide activities for residents, although assisted living facilities typically offer a more comprehensive range of options to suit all likes and preferences. In terms of lifestyle, assisted living facilities with their furnished communal space may feel cosier and roomier, whereas nursing home residents frequently share a room.
    On the other hand, old folks home residents require more support than a community manager can provide. A nursing home provides more comprehensive care for bedridden patients who require specialised clinical treatment.

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