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Not only do we place immense satisfaction in our top-notch services, affordable, high-quality facilities, and extremely competent staff, but it’s also an ideal place for elderly people to call home since we believe that our older folks deserve the finest, nurturing eldercare services out there. 


What Is a Retire Genie Assisted Living Home?

Assisted Care Facility

Our assisted living apartments provide everything you require—and more—to make the absolute most of your golden years and have a contented, tranquil life. When you select a Retire Genie assisted living home, you can count on top-notch care, meaningful partnerships, and engaging daily living and social activities. Similar to living in an actual community, but with the assurance that someone will always look out for you.

Assisted Care Facility

Within our facilities, we welcome new elderly residents so they can begin living the life they deserve. In our care, we will handle the housework, giving you more time to pursue your interests, as you live independently. Among other senior-friendly design features, the majority of our nursing homes, senior group home, assisted living flats, and community care apartments are accessible to stores, recreation areas, restaurants, hospitals, and more.

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Jurong East Senior Care Center

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Marine Parade Senior Care Center

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Find the most skilled healthcare provider you can rely on to look after your seniors. Look through a wide selection of our elderly care services and consider the specialized care services your elderly loved ones may need.

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To ensure that your senior family members receive the care they require, schedule a consultation with us to discuss their condition. Recognizing that every condition is particularly special, Retire Genie creates a comprehensive treatment plan for each care recipient that is tailored to their particular needs.

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Reach us through one of our communication platforms to set up a confirmed booking or a facility visit, and one of our care staff will arrange it in advance.

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Our professional care team is qualified to help your senior loved one in a variety of ways and has received specialized training. Pick the most appropriate location for your senior family members among Singapore elderly co-living apartments, and be equipped to benefit from nursing care within our senior-friendly housing facilities!

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Find out your alternatives to age independently, then join us as we move forward. If you would like to consider your housing options for elderly care, then let our experts know. Simply set up a free consultation with us today if you’re looking to find out more.

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About Retire Genie

Discover how Retire Genie Professionals can offer assistance by learning further about our variety of services. With thorough reports available on our app, be notified upon each consultation.

By giving elderly folks access to cutting-edge facilities and high-quality nursing care, Retire Genie fulfills their wishes. Here with us, elders could indeed live peacefully and conveniently, however, their hearts desire within our caring, supportive, and safe environment.

Frequently asked questions


Who Is Appropriate for Assisted Living?

Assisted living facilities are a kind alternative to nursing homes for seniors that foster dignity and independence in a safe, comfortable setting. In addition to having easy accessibility to the community’s entirely private amenities, which encourage an active social life with a variety of recreational, amusement, meals, and transport options, elderly folks are able to reside in private bedrooms within a community care apartment with the convenience of maintenance, household tasks, and personal care.

It is also a reasonable housing option for senior citizens who do not require or wish to live independently and aren’t interested in nursing home care that is specialized. It is viewed as being the best option for elderly people who don’t need more medical care but may need assistance with daily tasks like hygiene or may have a severe mental illness that makes aging in place independently risky.

How Are Assisted Living and Nursing Homes Different from Each Other?

Assisted living homes are specifically designed for elderly individuals who necessitate assistance with daily living activities. In most cases, residents receive a unit with a living area along with the use of communal amenities like dining facilities, gatherings, and community activities that are supervised by a community manager. For elderly patients who are immobilized and need specialized clinical therapy, nursing homes instead provide more extensive medical care.

Contrary to popular belief, assisted living options and private nursing homes are really not exactly the same. Seniors or elderly parents who remain in assisted living homes are frequently active and enjoy independent living, except for a few basic activities. The seniors residing in assisted living facilities might not need constant nursing care or support services, regardless if they have health complications.

How Does Retire Genie Choose Its Assisted Living Partners?

The Retire Genie care staff passionately believes that the elderly should still be free to experience the best and most efficient quality of life. We assist senior individuals to live gracefully and meaningfully by providing them with the services and resources they require to enhance their well-being and preserve their physical and mental capacities, throughout their golden years.

Within our homes, we establish reputable partnerships with assisted living facilities that support our mission of serving as the key connection in attempting to maintain the seniors protected, cared for, and at home in order to ensure that our aging folks receive the best caregiving services possible.

When Do Seniors Typically Enter Assisted Living?

Determining the ideal age for transitioning into assisted living varies greatly due to individual circumstances. Typically, seniors enter assisted living when they require support with daily activities. These facilities offer communal living, providing convenience for retirees seeking community interactions with peers facing similar conditions. The decision hinges on factors such as health, mobility, and social needs. Key factors to consider include support with daily tasks, supervision of medication, and availability of medical services. Ultimately, the move to assisted living aims to enhance seniors’ quality of life by providing tailored support and fostering a sense of community and belonging.

How Does One Pay For Assisted Living?

Paying for assisted living primarily relies on personal finances, with a family member typically covering costs from retirement plans, pension benefits, personal savings, or a combination thereof. Although many seniors save for retirement, families often contribute to assisted living expenses. Additionally, long-term care insurance or government assistance programs like Medicaid may help offset costs for eligible individuals. Some facilities offer financial assistance or payment plans to accommodate varying financial situations. Ultimately, funding sources depend on individual circumstances, with families often collaborating to ensure seniors receive the care they need in assisted living settings.