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Helping your elderly loved ones experience a happier and more comfortable life!

Aging can be challenging to face alone. Physical and mental conditions make it difficult for seniors to live independently. To improve their daily living, the elderly must receive support and quality care—all of which our caregivers can provide.

Seniors who have no family members to support them can rely on our caregiving services. Our caregivers are highly trained in providing nurturing care and assistance whether it’d be in nursing homes, respite care, home care, and others.


What are caregivers?

Caregivers are people that provide care and support to those who require assistance with activities of daily living. They look after individuals who have higher levels of care needs, especially those who are weak, sickly, or old. Having a caregiver around lessens the burden on the shoulders of the care recipients—allowing them to live a better quality of life.

What is the benefit of having caregivers in Singapore? And why we provide the best caregiving services

Seniors require constant care and attention, especially when living alone. Having a caregiver will help nourish their health and ensure their safety. Listed below are the following advantages of hiring our caregivers:

Personal care

Around-the-clock personal care will be provided to seniors. Our caregivers will assist in activities of daily living such as feeding, bathing, grooming, mobility, toileting, and other tasks revolving around self-care.

Emotional support

Living alone away from family members can make the elderly feel alone, sometimes even depressed. Having a caregiver around that they can talk to and spend time with helps seniors feel less isolated. Our caregivers can provide emotional support through bonding and companionship.

Health and wellness management

Whether it’s about exercising during the morning, managing medications, or going to medical appointments—our caregivers can help out.

Helping with assistive devices

Elderly people sometimes depend on assistive devices such as a wheelchair to move around. Our caregivers can help them utilize these with ease.

Stress management

Seniors might sometimes find it frustrating dealing with themselves or facing the reality of their situation. Caregivers can help them calm down and find ways to lower their stress levels. The less stressed they are, the healthier and happier they can be.

Our Caregivers’ Training

The process of our caregiving journey

Our recruits undergo thorough caregiver training to test and hone their skills in the art of personal care, medical care, and integrated care. We conduct careful methods in assessing our caregivers to ensure the best quality of their performance.

Why choose our caregivers?

Our caregiving staff is more than capable of providing nurturing care and support to seniors. There are essential skills needed in every caregiver, and that is what we have.

How much does hiring a caregiver in Singapore cost?

In general, part-time caregivers are paid $20 to $25 per hour. The average pay for caregivers in Singapore annually is approximately SGD 34,759.

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