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Your all-in-one guide to CHAS cards in Singapore

Mar 12, 2022

For most Singaporeans, falling ill is a major concern, not just because of its health implications but also due to rising healthcare costs.

There are several programmes put in place to help defray these costs, one of which is the Community Health Assist Scheme.

Better known as CHAS, this programme by the Ministry of Health dates back to 2000 and was conceived as a way to provide financial subsidies to both the elderly and disabled to help cover medical needs. It has since been expanded to meet the growing need for subsidized care for all Singaporeans.

Since its inception, CHAS has been hailed as a resounding success and was one of the factors that led the World Health Organization (WHO) to rank Singapore’s healthcare system as the best in Asia

Today, all cardholders need to do if they want to avail of subsidised fees is to present their CHAS card at any participating GP or healthcare centre.


What is Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS)?

This is a financial assistance program that enables all Singapore citizens, including lower-income households, to receive subsidies for medical and dental care at participating general practitioner and dental clinics.

There are three colour-coded levels of subsidies and each is indicated by its respective CHAS card: Blue, Green and Orange.

Under the programme, Pioneer Generation and Merdeka Generation seniors also get special subsidies, with their PG or MG card serving as their very own CHAS card.

Not only that, but Singaporeans with a Public Assistance (PA) card are automatically entitled to full CHAS subsidies under the Blue tier, and do not need to apply for CHAS.

CHAS cards are accepted in over 1000 clinics in Singapore, which means top-quality healthcare will always be within reach for cardholders.


Who are eligible to get CHAS cards?

All Singaporean citizens are eligible for CHAS. However, if you would like to enjoy subsidies, you need to apply for them. Those who do not need to apply are PA, MG and PG cardholders. They will automatically receive full CHAS benefits.

The rest of the applicants will be assessed according to their household monthly income per person or the annual value of their home. The following table provides an overview.






Household Monthly Income Per Person*

Up to $1,200

$1,201 – $2,000

Over $2,000

Annual Value of Home**

Up to $13,000

$13,001 – $ 21,000

Over $21,000


*For households with income. To calculate yours, you may use the Household Monthly Income Per Person Calculator on the CHAS website. 

**For households with no income. Visit IRAS to learn more about the

annual value of your home.

The CHAS Blue card, for instance, is meant for Singaporeans who have a monthly household income of less than $1,200 per person; the CHAS Orange card, meanwhile,

provides subsidies for individuals in households that earn no more than $2,000 per person. The CHAS Green card, on the other hand, is meant for people in households who have a monthly income of more than $2,000 per person. 

Applicants who belong to households with no reported monthly income, meanwhile, will be assessed according to the Annual Value (AV) of their home.

Homes with an AV of $13,000 and below are qualified to receive CHAS Blue cards, while those whose homes have an AV of no more than $21,000 can receive CHAS Orange cards. Finally, applicants who live in properties that have an AV of more than

$21,000, are entitled to CHAS Green cards.


What benefits can people get from CHAS cards?

 The subsidy tier for each card along with CHAS benefits of MG and PG cardholders

can be seen in the table below. Of the three CHAS cards, the CHAS Blue card

provides the most subsidies for treating common illnesses, chronic conditions,

and dental services, followed by the CHAS Orange tier, and then finally, CHAS

Green tier, which has the least amount of subsidies.



PG Card

MG Card




Common illness

$28.50/ visit

$23.50/ visit

$18.50/ visit

$10/ visit

Not applicable

(Simple*) Chronic Condition







(Complex**) Chronic Condition








Dental Services


$16 -$261.50/procedure



Not Applicable


*one condition

**multiple chronic conditions or conditions with complications

Overview of Benefits


By design, CHAS covers subsidies for several health services, such as treatments

for common illnesses like colds and fever, chronic conditions like

pre-diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, and mental illnesses.

Aside from that, CHAS cards also cover select dental services, as well as

recommended health screenings.



Referrals to Specialist Outpatient Clinics (SOCs) and National Dental Centre Singapore

are also subsidized for all CHAS, MG and PG cardholders. While subsidized

referral to National Centre for Oral Health Singapore is only for CHAS

Blue/Orange, MG and PG cardholders.



For all CHAS cardholders, MediSave can be used to defray the cost of the medical bill

or similar expenses such as those related to elderly care services in Singapore.

CHAS cardholders with chronic conditions through the Chronic Diseases Management

Programme can tap into the MediSave for outpatient treatment for conditions

covered under CHAS.  


Common Illnesses

Households with CHAS Blue cards can receive a subsidy of $18.50 per visit for common

illnesses. CHAS Orange holders, on the other hand, can receive a subsidy of $10

per visit. As noted by the MOH, treatments and consultations for common

illnesses are capped at 24 per year per patient, across all CHAS clinics. 


Simple Chronic Conditions

CHAS Blue cardholders with simple chronic conditions, or progressive illnesses or

diseases that require long-term care and medication, can receive a subsidy of

$80 per visit with a yearly cap of $320.

CHAS Orange cardholders, meanwhile, can expect subsidies of $50 per visit. This is

capped off at $200 per year.

CHAS Green holders can receive subsidies of $28 per visit, capped off at $112 per



Complex Chronic Conditions

CHAS Blue beneficiaries with complex chronic conditions are eligible for subsidies

amounting to $125 per visit with a yearly cap of $500

CHAS Orange can get $80 per visit. This is capped at $320 per year.

CHAS Green cardholders can get subsidies of up to $40 per visit and up to $160 per



Dental Services

On selected dental services, CHAS Blue cardholders can receive subsidies ranging

from $11 to $256.50, depending on the procedure. CHAS Orange beneficiaries, on

the other hand, can get subsidies of up to $170.50 per procedure.


How to Apply for CHAS cards Singapore?

It is now more convenient to apply for CHAS cards. An eligible household member (21

years old and above) can click on this online application and apply on behalf of the entire family. Or you may also fill out this CHAS Application Form. Send the completed

application form to the PO box with the following address:

P.O. Box 680 

Bukit Merah Central Post Office

Singapore 911536

Minors below 21 years of age and mentally-incapacitated individuals can have legal

guardians or appointed donee sign for them.

CHAS applications take about 15 working days to get processed and upon release, the

cards have a validity period of two years and will need to be renewed upon


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