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Research-Based, Reliable Dementia Care Services in Singapore

Dementia is commonly misunderstood as a normal aspect of ageing; however, this is not the case. Dementia is a notion used to describe a group of disorders that include cognitive impairment, disorientation, and behavioural issues. Alzheimer’s disease, in fact, is considered one of the most prevalent neurodegenerative disorders and forms of dementia, as evidenced by the overrepresentation of 60 percent to 80 percent of cases.

If a close elderly relative has dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, you may be distraught or at a loss. Worry not, as a disease like this can be remedied with enough assistance and the right steps.

We’ve walked the path with a proportion of households and their dementia-affected loved ones. Our thorough guide will present practical ideas and recommendations about caring for a dementia patient. Senior care facilities, community support, and the increasing availability of care services provide much-needed assistance and rest to caregivers and care recipients. Using such support centres can go a long way toward ensuring that everyone has a meaningful standard of living.

Understanding Dementia

Dementia is a degenerative disease that causes memory loss and lack of physical coordination. Patients may also struggle to recognise items and analyse their surroundings.

Indeed, struggling with dementia is challenging for everyone concerned, from patients to family members to caregivers. We understand the emotional, physical, and psychological strain of living with dementia at Retire Genie and therefore understand that your loved ones don’t have to endure it all alone.

As a result, we’ve created this Dementia Care Services Directory as a one-stop-shop for you. It will allow you to understand dementia and elderly care, but it will also outline the various care alternatives available and how to receive the support you deserve.

What Is Dementia Care?

Dementia Care is a collection of programs that can provide physical and mental engagement to help people cope with dementia’s detrimental consequences. It’s a specialised support system for people living with dementia, offered by caregivers with experience and training in caring for dementia patients.

Specialist dementia care is practical and effective for those with dementia. It provides tailored support in exercises and treatments like reminiscence therapy, dietary changes, physical fitness, and help for deviant behaviour and sundowning.

Live-in care is an alternative to housing, nursing, or residential care that enables seniors to reside in their own homes. Complex live-in care includes dementia care, as well as personal care and aid with day-to-day responsibilities, assuring that your loved one gets the professional assistance they require.

Benefits of Dementia Care

Traditional healthcare services are available through various choices, including senior care facilities and individually tailored programmes. These activities aim to deliver healthcare for your loved ones living with dementia in their familiar environment.

Our nursing staff is committed to assisting your loved ones in managing their symptoms and promoting their social well-being while living a whole life. It also allows primary caregivers to relax and recuperate on their days off and public holidays.

Dementia Care Homes

Instead of the typical clinical and mundane setting of other nursing homes, our rooms are built and designed to feel like a comfortable home for the elderly

Types of Dementia Care Services

Home Care

With in-home care, which could be non-medical or clinical in essence, your elderly loved ones may enjoy the advantages of Dementia Care in a comforting home environment with the following services.

Home Personal Care

Employing support systems with activities of daily living (ADLs), including personal hygiene, going to the toilet, mobility, and so on, would be covered. Mental practices like mind-stimulating exercises and colouring therapy help people with dementia. Meal preparation, food shopping, and medical escorts are all included in the programme. Although, transport services are not included in the medical escorts package for such elderly care Singapore service providers.

Home Nursing

Nursing professionals can provide healthcare treatments and nursing care to your ageing loved ones. They can give wound and stoma care, replace feeding tubes and urine catheters, manage prescriptions, replace stitches and staples, and deliver medication.

Home Therapy

It’s the kind of care that’s ideal for individuals with intermediate to late-stage dementia, and it necessitates near-continuous, if not continual, monitoring and assistance. Access to treatments, including physiotherapy and speech therapy, and specialists like occupational therapists can all be accessible in the convenience of your loved one’s household through home therapy.

Home Medical

In this setup, you may even request frequent doctor appointments for your loved ones if they require it. Physicians can do medical exams during home care services, discuss with patients, and write prescriptions.

Interim Caregiver Service

Nursing assistants might provide short-term healthcare in the interim caregiver services that support your loved one on their path of recovery following surgery or hospitalisation.

Dementia Day Care

Dementia Daycare is a centre-based senior care program that offers a full day programme of recreation activities for your loved one who has mild to moderate dementia.

The exercises are intended to keep their bodies and minds moving to maintain their physical and mental functions in good shape. Physical training, memory games, and creative arts are some of these exercises. At daycare centres, music therapy and reminiscence therapy are also accessible.

Memory Care Home

Memory Care Home is a facility that specialises in caring for people with cognitive impairment, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. It provides a secure and encouraging setting for those who have difficulty remembering. Your loved one’s physical, medical, and support systems demands are handled with 24-hour comprehensive care.

Various physical workouts and leisure activities assist them in maintaining a healthy physique and slowing the progression of dementia. Medication management, personal hygiene and grooming help, and mobility aid are among the services provided.

Dementia Nursing Home

Nursing homes make your ageing loved one feel more comfortable while delivering round-the-clock support from trained medical personnel.

To stimulate their sensibilities and inspire them to interact with their surroundings, communal spaces’ interior layouts mimic familiar situations like family rooms or the roadside. Moreover, residents can enjoy activity gardens and quiet areas, which create a sense of serenity, solitude, and meditation.

Nursing care is also available at all times, with professionals assisting with everyday activities and ensuring that each resident’s clinical, dental, and dietary needs are addressed. Residents are also given treatment and rehabilitation through regular routines and therapy sessions to keep them engaged. The exercise helps patients rebuild their muscles and reclaim their mobility, allowing them to live a more rewarding and healthy lifestyle.

At the residential facility, there are also a variety of social activities available. Intergenerational programmes, for instance, are managed by volunteers and allow your loved ones to connect with children. It also fosters a feeling of connectedness through human engagement, allowing residents to interact over common interests.

How We Choose Our Dementia Care Partners

Here at Retire Genie, we understand that our senior folks have to be in the best of health. We support patients in living independently by delivering them the services and resources they seek to enhance their overall quality of life in their golden years.
We take great satisfaction in our economic premium services and ensure that our seniors experience the appropriate care. It’s in our best interests to develop professional alliances with dementia care centres that understand our obligation to guarantee that the seniors are comfortable and well-cared-for.

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Dementia Care Singapore FAQs

  • How Do I Care For Someone With Dementia?

    A person who lives with dementia benefits significantly from interactive communication and a close bond with their caregiver and relatives. It also aids in delaying the condition’s progression. Communication, engaging over shared interests, and getting adequate support can all help to improve wellness and overall quality of life.

  • Can Dementia Be Cured?

    In this day of medical advancements, there is still no known cure for dementia, and studies persist. In addition, since various disorders induce dementia, there is improbable to be a specific dementia treatment. Dementia with Lewy bodies, Alzheimer’s disease, and frontotemporal dementia are among the conditions for research. Yet, by managing the symptoms, it is possible to slow down the deteriorating repercussions of dementia.

  • How Fast Can I Receive Dementia Care Support? What Is the Process for Application?

    It may take approximately 1-3 days to connect with an appropriate Dementia Care Professional following completing and filing an application.

  • Are There Subsidies Available for Home Dementia Care Services?

    Yes, those who qualify for the Home Caregiving Grant can obtain funding assistance. Those that need interim or long-term treatment centres should be eligible for government grants in Singapore to help cover the expenses of elderly care.

  • My Grandparent Has Dementia – What Home Care Services Can We Engage to Keep Her Mentally And Physically Engaged?

    Home Personal Care was developed to provide tailored care in the comfort of their homes. Healthcare professionals can support sanitation and personal hygiene, meal preparation and eating, and exercises that will boost brain processes.
    Occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and speech therapy are all accessible at home to assist your loved ones in rediscovering their mobility and enhancing their communication. Eldercare specialists can also analyse your loved one’s surroundings and recommend changes to handle safety and accessibility concerns, ensuring that your loved one is as comfortable as possible.

  • I Want to Enroll My Parent in Dementia Day Care. Is It Possible to Drop By to Visit the Centre, or Do We Need to Make an Appointment First?

    It’s better to give notice and required relevant documents ahead of time so that the dementia daycare centre is well prepared to accept and provide adequate care for your ageing loved one.

  • What Are the Eligibility Criteria for Dementia Nursing Homes? What Are the Admission Procedures, and Is There a Waiting List?

    Pre-admission assessment and patient evaluation are necessary for all individuals before admission into a nursing home to prevent dementia patients from becoming erroneously placed there. Some patients may be eligible to receive long-term care in the comfort of their own homes instead of being committed to the nursing facility.
    While the actual pre-admission assessment process varies by country, with some jurisdictions having additional tiers of admission tests, each state follows a set of guidelines.

  • What Is the Difference Between Dementia Nursing Home and Memory Care Home?

    Both facilities provide treatment, support, and monitoring 24 /7. Nursing homes deliver support to seniors who need caregivers and assistance with everyday activities, as well as help with medical problems and prescription management.
    Memory care homes, on the other hand, are better equipped to handle Alzheimer’s and dementia clients, especially those with memory problems. There are also specific safety measures to guarantee that wandering residents are neither harmed nor become lost.

  • What Kinds of Subsidies Are Available for Dementia Patients?

    The National Means Test (NMTS) determines eligibility. Predicated on their average monthly individual income, or the annual value of their home, for those without income, the test defines the number of government subsidies and financial assistance Singaporeans, and permanent residents would get.

  • Are Foreigners, Permanent Residents, or Long Term Visit Pass Holders Eligible for Your Dementia Day Care/Dementia Home Care Services?

    Yes, foreigners, legal residents, and bearers of Long Term Visit Passes are qualified for integrated care, but they must pay private rates.

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