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Seniors battling with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease can now consider living in dementia care communities, which seem to be ideal, secure settings. Retire Genie’s Dementia Care offers the highest quality care for your elderly loved ones, who reside in Singapore elderly studio apartment homes with security features and are surrounded by their peers and dedicated caregivers.

What Is a Retire Genie Dementia Care Home?

Memory loss is, primarily a common byproduct of normal ageing that most people cannot avoid. Everyone who is affected by Alzheimer’s or dementia, including patients, caregivers, and family members, finds it daunting. Be mindful that your elderly loved ones are not really suffering in silence if they are having difficulty coping with memory issues on an emotional, spiritual, and psychological level. The experience is even less frightening as you gain a deeper understanding of what to expect and plan.

Dementia Care fundamentally underlines that no elderly should ever have to deal with Alzheimer’s and dementia alone. Whether you or a close relative presents symptoms or is a person living with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, you have this choice. It’s not actually a nursing home; alternatively, it’s a setting that’s designed to give your older loved ones all the care they need with their physical, mental, emotional, and personal hygiene needs. This means that the family won’t have to worry about caring for their elderly relatives because our specialized services, facilities, and dementia caregivers seem far more than happy to deliver them the attention they require.

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Choose the considerably more experienced senior care in Singapore you can rely on to take proper care of your senior family members. Consider the appropriate care that your older loved ones may need as you compare a range of our elderly care services in Singapore, including nursing homes, assisted living facilities and dementia care homes.

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Retire Genie develops a thorough treatment plan for each patient that is suited to their unique demands because they are aware that every mental illness is distinct.

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For your older relatives to benefit from the nursing care provided at our dementia care homes, always choose a suitable destination.

For your older relatives to benefit from the nursing care provided at our dementia care homes, always choose a suitable destination.

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By giving elderly folks access to cutting-edge facilities and high-quality nursing care, Retire Genie fulfills their wishes. Here with us, elders could indeed live peacefully and conveniently, however, their hearts desire within our caring, supportive, and safe environment.

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Frequently asked questions


How Do I Care For Someone with Dementia?

Interactive communications and a strong relationship with their other caregivers and family members are very beneficial for elderly people who live with dementia. Additionally, it helps delay the disease’s progression. Their well-being and general quality of life can be enhanced by interaction around similar interests, communication, and receiving proper assistance.

Do Those with Dementia Require Care Homes or Nursing Homes?

It is common for family members to feel upset or lost if a dear elderly relative has dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Don’t worry; now with appropriate support and measures, a condition like this can be cured. Senior care facilities, professional caregiving service, community support, financial assistance, and the growing availability of care services give caregivers and care recipients the aid and rest they need. Utilizing such support services can significantly increase the likelihood that everyone has a significant quality of life.

Whether your senior loved one lives alone, with family, or in an assisted living facility, you may need to start thinking about memory care if you are always worried about their security, given their dementia symptoms. These facilities are exclusively designed to meet the special needs of people with dementia, giving family members the peace of mind that their loved one is always safe and receiving care from skilled professionals.

How Fast Can I Receive Dementia Care Support?

After completing and submitting an application, it can take 1-3 days to get in touch with a suitable dementia care provider.

What Criteria Must You Meet to Enter a Nursing Home for Dementia?

To avoid dementia patients being inadvertently placed in a nursing home, pre-admission assessments and patient evaluations are required for everyone before admission. As opposed to being confined to a nursing home, some patients might be qualified for long-term care in the convenience of their own homes. Each state adheres to a set of rules even if the pre-admission assessment procedure differs by nation, with certain states having extra tiers of admission tests.


Are Foreigners, Permanent Residents, or Long Term Visit Pass Holders Eligible for Retire Genie Dementia Care Services?

Yes, those who hold Long Term Visit Passes, are legal residents, or are foreign nationals are eligible for integrated care, however, they must pay additional rates.

Are There Subsidies Available for Retire Genie Dementia Care Services?

Yes, those who meet the requirements for the Home Caregiving Grant may receive financial assistance. Government subsidies in Singapore must be available to those who require interim or long-term treatment facilities to assist in defraying the cost of elder care.

Can Dementia Be Cured?

Despite modern medical advances, dementia currently has no known treatment, despite ongoing research. Additionally, since different illnesses can cause dementia, a unique dementia treatment is unlikely to exist. Areas of study include dementia with Lewy bodies, Alzheimer’s disease, and frontotemporal dementia. However, by treating the symptoms, dementia’s degenerative effects can be delayed.

What Is the Minimum Stay Duration for a Dementia Patient?

Elderly individuals can stay anywhere from a few weeks or months to several years. The average length of stay for people in dementia care is two to three years, as per professionals in the field of senior care.

What Dementia Care Packages Does Retire Genie Offer?

Our facilities offer excellent service on par with that found in Singapore nursing homes, but in a setting that is much more relaxed. Independent living is a residential care option for seniors who choose to live freely but yet want to interact socially with their friends.

Seniors who need help with daily living tasks might consider assisted living. It is a place where elderly people who are frail but do not need constant monitoring can enjoy the best meals and receive assistance with personal care and medication monitoring. Most of our facilities offer knowledgeable, friendly, and cozy care to those who have Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or other memory problems. It can also be a place where individuals can receive the assistance and support they require while continuing to engage in hobbies like crafts and regular physical exercises.

How Does Retire Genie Choose Its Dementia Care Home Partners?

At Retire Genie, we recognize the importance of senior folks having the greatest possible health. We assist patients in maintaining their independence by providing them with the services and support they require to improve their general quality of life in their senior years.

Within our walls, we take immense pride in our affordable premium services and make sure that our senior citizens receive the attention they need. It is in our better interests to establish business relationships with dementia care facilities that recognize our responsibility to ensure the comfort and well-being of the elderly.