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Seniors with dementia and Alzheimer’s have a new living option. They can live in safe specialised dementia care communities, ideal for seniors with mild to severe dementia. Retire Genie’s residential dementia care provides a quality professional caregiving service. It nurtures caregiver support groups for elderly family members in Singapore. A dementia patient can live in studio apartments with security features while being around peers, dementia caregivers, and dedicated professional care teams.

Dementia Care

What Is a Retire Genie Dementia Care Home?

Carers For Dementia

Memory loss is natural in normal ageing. It is also one of the most common Alzheimer’s disease and dementia symptoms people face. In Singapore, 1 out of 10 people aged 60 and above suffer from them. The stress and daunting experience do not fall on senior loved ones alone but on caregivers and families, too. Carers For Dementia help in these situations, improving elder’s daily living, mental health, and overall well being.

Carers For Dementia

Dementia Care says no one should face memory loss and Alzheimer’s alone. This includes you, a family member, or a close relative. You have a choice and it does not have to be nursing homes. It can be a special place with healthcare professionals and care staff taking care of them and assisting in everyday tasks. Elderly persons living in our care homes get different types of care plan and other care services, such as personal hygiene, sensory stimulation, and support groups. Rather than taking care of dementia patients in your own homes, Carers For Dementia has the assistance, facilities, and resources to maintain and support their care needs.

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Choose the most experienced senior care in Singapore, especially for Dementia Care. Think about the right care for your elderly loved ones. Compare our care services. These include senior group homes, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and specialized dementia care homes.

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Retire Genie creates a detailed treatment plan. Each plan is for one patient. They know each mental illness is different. The plan matches the patient’s needs.

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To book or plan a home visit, contact us. Use any of our communication channels. A clinical staff member will respond. They will arrange everything in advance.

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For your elderly relatives, choose our dementia care homes. They offer nursing care. Always pick a suitable destination for them.

For your older relatives to benefit from the nursing care provided at our dementia care homes, always choose a suitable destination.

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Tell our care professionals if you want to explore living arrangements. Or if you’re looking for a senior group home for long-term care. If you want to know more about our services, let us know. Schedule a free consultation with us today.

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Your elderly support services, now easily accessible anytime and anywhere in Singapore you are. You can ease your worries knowing that help is always on the way. Download our app today and try it for yourself!

By giving elderly folks access to cutting-edge facilities and high-quality nursing care, Retire Genie fulfills their wishes. Here with us, elders could indeed live peacefully and conveniently, however, their hearts desire within our caring, supportive, and safe environment.

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Frequently asked questions


How Do I Care For Someone with Dementia?

Talking with others is good for older people with dementia. This can slow down the disease. Carers for Dementia help them a lot. When they talk about things they like, it makes them feel better. It’s important they get the right help. This improves their life.

Do Those with Dementia Require Care Homes or Nursing Homes?

When an older family member has dementia, it’s normal to feel sad. But there’s hope. With the right support, this condition can be managed. There are many ways to help, like senior care places and professional caregivers. Carers for Dementia play a big role. They offer community and financial help. This support makes life better for both the caregiver and the person with dementia.

If your older loved one has dementia, you might worry about their safety. This is where memory care comes in. It’s a special kind of care for people with dementia. It helps them live safely. They get help from trained professionals. This gives families peace of mind, knowing their loved one is safe.


How Fast Can I Receive Dementia Care Support?

After you fill out and send in an application, you’ll hear back soon. It can take from one to three days. They will find a good “Carers for Dementia” provider for you.

What Criteria Must You Meet to Enter a Nursing Home for Dementia?

Before going to a nursing home, dementia patients need special checks. These checks help decide the best care. Some can stay at home for long-term care. This is instead of living in a nursing home. Every place has different rules for these checks. In some places, there are extra tests to pass. Carers for Dementia follow these rules to help patients.

Are Foreigners, Permanent Residents, or Long Term Visit Pass Holders Eligible for Retire Genie Dementia Care Services?

People with Long Term Visit Passes can get care. This includes legal residents and foreign nationals. But they have to pay more. Carers for Dementia offer this integrated care. Everyone can get help, but some pay extra.

Are There Subsidies Available for Retire Genie Dementia Care Services?

If you qualify for the Home Caregiving Grant, you can get money to help. In Singapore, the government gives money to help pay for care. This is for people who need care for a short time or a long time. It helps cover the cost of caring for older people. Dementia Care services are included in this. They help make care more affordable.

Can Dementia Be Cured?

Right now, there’s no cure for dementia. But doctors are still studying it. Dementia can come from different illnesses. So, one treatment for all types is unlikely. Researchers look at different kinds, like Lewy body dementia, Alzheimer’s, and frontotemporal dementia. But we can slow it down by treating the symptoms. Dementia Care focuses on this. They help manage the symptoms to slow the disease.

What Is the Minimum Stay Duration for a Dementia Patient?

Older people can stay in care for different times. Some stay for weeks or months. Others stay for many years. In Dementia Care, people usually stay for two to three years. This is what experts in senior care say.

What Dementia Care Packages Does Retire Genie Offer?

Our places are as good as Singapore nursing homes. But they are more relaxed. Independent living is for seniors who want to live on their own. They can still hang out with friends.

Assisted living is for seniors who need help with everyday things. It’s for those who are weak but don’t need to be watched all the time. They get great food and help with personal care and medicine. Dementia Care is part of this. It helps people with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or memory issues. They get kind and skilled care. It’s also a place to do hobbies and exercise. This helps people who need support but still want to be active.

How Does Retire Genie Choose Its Dementia Care Home Partners?

At Retire Genie, we know it’s important for seniors to be healthy. We help them stay independent. We give them the help and services they need. This makes their life better as they get older.

We are proud of our good, affordable services. We make sure our seniors get the care they need. We work with Dementia Care facilities. It’s our job to make sure older people are comfortable and well.



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