Retire Genie Services for Seniors

Retire Genie Home Care Services for Seniors

Retire Genie specializes in elderly home care services in Singapore. Count on us to help you find home care solutions fitted to your loved ones’ needs. We can match you with home nurses, home caregivers, or house-call doctors who can look after a patient’s well-being and give them a better quality of life.

Caregiving can be emotionally and physically draining and demanding. Hence, it is best to leave it with the pros. Let our years of experience and number of satisfied clients be the proof that when it comes to nursing care, we’ve got your backs.

home care services for seniors

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RC Caregivers

This agency can help you decide whether your ageing family members are better off in nursing homes, community care, or their own homes.

Private nursing care

Private Nursing Care

Trained caregivers

Trained Caregivers

Medical escort

Medical Escort

Booking Health Professionals for your Elderly Family Members is Easy!

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Select a Type of Service

Choose the type of service suited for your loved ones. If they need assistance in doing activities of daily living and a constant companion providing human touch, choose home caregivers. On the other hand, if they have illnesses requiring home therapy, you can choose either home nurses or house-call doctors.

Select Service Provider

Let’s talk about the services or elderly home care Singapore solutions you want for the patient. We can explain the service providers that can deliver appropriate medical services, home medical care, nursing procedures, or extra help at home. Then, we will match you with the services suited to your requirements.

Book Your Free Home Care Consultation

Contact us and book your free consultation. Let’s meet virtually to discuss your choices for a nurse, caregiver, or house-call doctor. Our experts will help you weigh in on how each service provider can bring quality care and home medical services to your loved one at your own home.

Meet Your Personal Care Provider!

It’s time to come face-to-face with the care providers with skills best suited for seniors needing care services. Be sure to ask about the experience of the caregiver, nurse, or doctor chosen to assist your loved one in their daily activities and dealing with their illness.

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Talk to Us!

Do not hesitate to reach us for inquiries! We can advise you regarding social services, assisted living centres, home caregiving grant, and other related concerns on how to care for your loved one.

Your Senior Medical Services

Not just another home care provider

Personal Care

Our team of expert caregivers renders self-care services to patients to maintain their hygiene and comfort. Plus, they assist them in bathing, toileting, and more.

Respite Care

You can book a temporary or short-term arrangement with caregivers. The patient’s primary carer typically chooses this option to take a break or run errands.

Medical Escort

You can book their services to accompany patients to medical appointments. They will also ensure your loved ones get home sound and safe.

Check in Visit

Retire Genie offers a check-in service accessible on its app, which can help caregivers and families efficiently manage patient care and schedule medical visits.

Night Care

Our stay-out caregivers can work on a shifting schedule. This ensures that someone will handle night care services for the ailing elderly patient.


You can avail of short-term nursing services to help a patient heal after surgery. This will ensure a safe and speedy recovery of the patient.

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Frequently asked questions


What is Home Personal Care?

It involves non-medical services rendered by highly qualified caregivers. They help patients with ADLs or daily living activities, such as grooming, dressing, toileting, and bathing. The work also includes preparing or delivering meals and basic housekeeping.

What is the most common home care service?
The most common is personal care and aid in the patient’s medical needs. Caregivers provide round-the-clock service to ensure your loved one’s health and wellness. They remind them to eat and take their medicines. Plus, they manage their daily schedule to include exercises or therapies.
What are the 4 levels of home care packages?
First, the Level 1 Home Care Package provides patients with support for their primary care needs. They include meal preparation, transportation, and travel assistance.

Next, the Level 2 Package is for elderly patients needing support for basic assistive technology, social aid, and additional personal care.

Then, the Level 3 Package is suited to patients with intermediate to advanced care needs due to injuries or health ailments.

Last, the Level 4 Package is intended for patients with high-level care requirements. They may have mobility limitations, complex health conditions, and other debilitating ailments.
What are the duties of a home carer?

A home carer manages the patient and is often tasked with basic household chores. They assist patients with personal care, maintaining their hygiene, and monitoring their health. Moreso, they have social duties, such as cleaning, cooking, and preparing meals. You can also get them in charge of fire maintenance, bills payment, and grocery shopping.