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Comprehensive Nursing Care Isn’t Exclusive to Nursing Homes —We Can Bring Private Nurses Right to Your Door

Whether you require assistance in moving home from the hospital, private nursing services at home following surgery, or prescription assistance, Retire Genie private nursing resources are rendered to you.

As we deliver our network of registered nurses, medical professionals, clinicians, and therapists to you, you can enjoy the ease of healthcare, rehabilitation, or medical assistance in the comfort of home.

What Is Nursing Care?

Professional nurses work tirelessly throughout patient satisfaction, anywhere, and there’s someone who needs treatment to recognise and protect the patient’s needs.

Far beyond a long-standing reputation for kindness and dedication, a specialised medical profession constantly adapts to meet societal needs. Nurses are crucial in preserving patient care, from providing the most efficient treatment to continuing public education about critical health conditions.

Nursing care is both science and art, mind and spirit. Profound respect and an understanding of the patient’s needs are at the foundation of it. It is backed up by subconscious support in terms of solid core knowledge. Given the wide range of specialisations and sophisticated abilities required in the nursing professional service, every home nurse will have individual qualities, motivations, and abilities.

Our Home Nursing Partners

Our private nurses are all trained, accredited, and authorised to provide the care and support that your elderly relatives need.

Benefits of Nursing Care

Complex Nursing Care

During the crucial transition from the hospitals to your homes, you will get specialist services. Support with basic nursing practices, including changing feeding tubes and suctioning. Allow patients to relocate from an inpatient hospital to the familiar surroundings in the own homes of their family members.

Medication Management

There will be no more missing doses. Our recommended agency nurse can assist you in obtaining and administering the proper medication dosage at the appropriate time.

Healthcare Coordination

To promote better and more efficient care, healthcare coordination entails intentionally arranging patient care services and communicating among the professionals and caregivers involved with elderly care.

Monitoring of Vital Signs

Vital signs are an essential part of monitoring seniors’ development while in the hospital or receiving home care because they allow for the early diagnosis of prolonged recovery or adverse occurrences. In acquiring important markers of a patient’s health status, vital signs are monitored.

Medical Escort and Transportation

Our nursing care service offers transport services and somebody to accompany older patients to and from doctor visits and therapies, such as health facilities, specialist outpatient clinics, or primary health centres, which are located near their homes.

Hire a Nurse From Our Team

While guaranteeing that your loved one is involved and cared for at home, our home care services Singapore team assists with bathing, going to the toilet, preparing meals, and some other daily activities of living (ADLs). We’ll collaborate with you to create a customised treatment plan depending on your loved one’s health, care needs, and other preferences.

Together, we’ll find great nursing care specialists for you and your senior loved ones. Please stay current with complete reports after each appointment, as your tailored treatment begins with our team.

Booking a Private Nurse with us is easy!

Experience a hassle-free booking system with us. To book a home care solution, just follow these simple steps.

Find a Home Care Solution
Step 1:

Find a Home Care Solution

Search and hire the most qualified healthcare professional you trust. Explore a vast group of highly qualified private nurses in Singapore

Select a Care Provide
Step 2:

Select a Care Provide

Arrange a meeting with us to discuss your elderly family members’ condition so they can receive the attention they need. Retire Genie recognises that every situation is distinctive; thus, we customise each multidisciplinary care plan to meet their specific requirements.

Step 3:


To schedule a consultation, log into our site or create an account if you don’t already have one. It’s worth noting that our care managers will organise the session ahead of time.

Talk to Us
Step 4:

Talk to Us

Discover your options and move ahead with us. Simply notify our team if you want to talk about your alternatives to ageing in place.


  • How Much Does the Best Private Nurse Singapore Charge?

    Even though the cost of employing a private nurse differs by agency, the average cost for home nursing care ranges typically from roughly $25+ an hour at the most subsidised prices to $125+ an hour at the most federally subsidised rate. The rate, meanwhile, is only valid during “regular working hours, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. After-hours or night-shift care can potentially double in price, from $50+ per hour at the maximum subsidised rate to $230+ per hour.

  • Are Home Nurses for the Elderly Live-in or Stay Out?

    You have the choice of choosing either stay out or live-in care when planning clock service care. Such services are viable opportunities for assisted living because they allow patients to care from caregivers 24 hours a day, seven days weekly while remaining in their households.

    One caregiver is scheduled for 24 hours each day with live-in care. It ensures that the elderly receive consistent care and form relationships with their caregivers. Stay out care has the advantage of ensuring that a caregiver is available to a patient whenever they require assistance.

  • Are Home Nurses for the Elderly Full-Time or Part-Time?

    Both part-time and full-time professional nursing support are available for your loved ones. We work with only the top nursing agency Singapore who will be thoroughly assessing the length and kind of care service to deliver, personalized to what your loved ones need.

  • Can I Hire a Nurse for My Elderly for Only a Day? Is There a Minimum Length of Home Nursing?

    There is no minimum length. Companies will charge a varied price depending on the type of care required, such as personal care or elderly care. They may also set a limited amount of hours, such as only a 4-hour shift or a 2-hour shift with a higher hourly rat

  • What Certifications and Licenses Do Retire Genie Home Nurses Have?

    The nurses we work with are registered with at least two years of inpatient experience and a valid Practicing Certificate from the Singapore Nursing Board (SNB). Our licensed nurses are all Singaporeans from all walks of life, each with expertise and care backgrounds. However, they all have one thing: a commitment to providing high-quality nursing care and assistance to families and care recipients.

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