Retire Genie Home Care Nursing

How does Retire Genie provide Home Nursing Services?

Retire Genie Home Care Nursing

When elderly patients long for familiar surroundings, the least you can do is give in to their requests. But what if they have ailments in need of constant medical attention and care? This is where Retire Genie can be of service. We’re among the top senior care services and elderly co-living apartments Singapore has ever had.

We make home nursing care accessible to those in need. Regardless of your condition, we can provide you with the right health experts to look after and monitor your health.

Let us help nurse you to good health without missing your loved ones and homes.

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We specialize in home nursing care Singapore and in ensuring that we assign the right professionals to provide quality care and address the patients' needs.

Booking Health Professionals for your Elderly Family Members is Easy!

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Select A Type of Service

Choose from our list of home care services required by the patient. We provide assistance with seniors’ activities of daily living (ADLs) to make life easier to live. Moreso, we help elderly patients in taking medication, render complex nursing procedures, and accompany them to medical appointments.

Select Service Provider

Let’s set a date and talk about home nursing care, integrated care, and further services the patient requires. This nursing agency Singapore can help you decide the types of nurses and other medical assistance best suited for your elderly loved ones.

Book Your Free Home Care Consultation

Book Your Free Home Care Consultation

Rest assured that we only provide licensed nurses or registered nurses with varied expertise to assist seniors. Once you have decided on the nursing care service you want, sign up or log in to our site and talk to one of our care managers regarding your preferred schedule.

Meet Your Personal Care Provider!

Meet Your Personal Care Provider!

Once all is set, this home nursing care Singapore will arrange a meetup between the nursing staff and the ageing person requiring their assistance. We’re proud to say that all our nurses have passed the Singapore nursing board, making them experts in nursing procedure. Plus, they are compassionate and kind.


Once all is set, this home nursing care Singapore will arrange a meetup between the nursing staff and the ageing person requiring their assistance. We’re proud to say that all our nurses have passed the Singapore nursing board, making them experts in nursing procedure. Plus, they are compassionate and kind.

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Retire Genie awaits your inquiries and booking appointments. Reach out, and let’s talk about how we can be of service to make your loved ones’ lives easier despite their age.

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Frequently asked questions


What are the three types of Home Nursing Care services?

Retire Genie offers three types of home nursing care services. These are home health care, private duty nursing care and companionship and personal care.

Home health care is short-term. Clients typically request the service to assist older adults in healing after suffering from an injury or illness.

On the other hand, a private duty nurse can provide long-term care for older adults with a disability or chronic illness. The nurse can help seniors with stoma care, wound care, wound dressing, setting up and using feeding tubes, and more.

Last, nurses or home caregivers can provide companionship and personal care. The main task of the caregiver is to make the patient’s life as stress-free as possible. They also help remind them about medication and go with them to doctor’s appointments and other hospital trips.


What is the difference between home care and Home Nursing?

While you can hire nurses to fulfil the jobs of both home care and home nursing services, they are often delegated to home nursing requirements. This is because the service needs skilled or clinical people who know how to care for patients with chronic conditions. They can also assist in wound dressing, managing the patient’s feeding tubes, handling injections, and more.

On the other hand, you can get professional caregivers to render home care services. Their primary tasks involve making seniors’ lives easier by assisting them in their activities of daily living. In certain households, family members provide this type of service. They may opt to train with nurses before accepting the task. This way, they will know how to care for their ageing loved ones properly and safely.

How much does it cost to hire Home Nurses?

The rates you need to pay nurses rendering home care services vary depending on the agency. However, the cost averages around $25 up to $125 per hour. The professional charge depends on the nurse’s qualifications and the services offered. Additionally, you have to pay the nurse double when they work on a night shift or after the window hours of their shift. The double pay rate is $50 up to $230 per hour.

What conditions among seniors require nursing procedures?

Nurses can assist ageing patients and make it easier for them to perform ADLs. However, patients will require professional nurses if they have serious injuries or deteriorating health conditions. On the other hand, you can hire Singapore live-in caregivers for your loved ones if they don’t have serious health problems but only need assistance and companionship.