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Are you sick or in pain? Do you have an ageing loved one who is ill but is unable or reluctant to go to the doctor? The best professional doctors in the Retire Genie super-app can help you or a loved one anywhere throughout Singapore, 24 hours a day.

You may now save the bother, expense, and time of travelling between your home and healthcare facilities with house call doctors. Instead, have qualified doctors to come to you. House call doctors provide medical attention to your doorstep, regardless of whether you desire a prior consultation for your health concerns, a health check, advanced care planning, or simple surgical interventions. Expert referrals and existing treatment certifications are also possible to obtain.

What Kinds of Doctors Can Retire Genie Provide?

There are a variety of house call doctors accessible, each with their specialisations and experience, who can assist with the treatment of acute diseases and the management of chronic conditions. Within hours, you’ll be able to easily find someone who best meets your healthcare needs. Your elderly our loved ones can receive high-quality, tailored medical attention wherever you may be, with home care Singapore.

The Department of Geriatric Medicine offers cost-effective, comprehensive geriatric care for aged patients throughout the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) healthcare continuum and step-down care systems.

Patients aged 65 and up having numerous diseases or exhibiting geriatric syndromes are treated in the Department of Geriatric Medicine. The geriatric practice takes a thorough health history and screens for clinical disorders such as depression, dementia, and psychosocial and caregiving issues. Pharmacological treatments, pre-morbid function, cognitive health, dietary and nutrition, fall vulnerability analysis, and other factors are all considered while the doctors evaluate senior patients.

Our Doctor Partners

Our doctors are all licensed, accredited, and authorised to provide the care and support that your elderly relatives need.

What Are the Benefits of Having Quick Access to Doctors?

For the most part, going to the doctor when we’re sick is an easy process. In addition to this, health care services may not be as readily available to the disabled or elderly. It can be hard and risky to travel to a treatment centre for medical services. Those who require surgical procedures devote a significant amount of time each week travelling between their homes and medical clinic, sitting in long queues to see a doctor. Some people skip medical examinations as they’re too preoccupied with work or other obligations, putting their health at risk.

Our wellness should be a prime concern, and getting immediate access to healthcare and age link specialist clinic throughout Singapore is essential. If we could somehow bring proper help to the households of those in need, we can save time & expense while also benefiting care and decreasing hospitalisations.

The following issues can be addressed by our preferred house call doctors with extensive geriatric expertise:

Consultation With a Physician

Don’t put off dealing with health complications. Through house call doctors and teleconsultations, your elderly may get health assistance within hours at home.

Medical Screening

Health screening testing can be performed at home to diagnose specific health needs immediately and efficiently.

Simple Surgical Treatments

Recover at home following uncomplicated surgeries and holistic specialty care in the comfort and security of your own home.

Booking a Doctor with us is easy!

Experience a hassle-free booking system with us. To book a home care solution, just follow these simple steps.

Find a Home Care Solution
Step 1:

Find a Home Care Solution

Search and hire the most qualified healthcare professional you trust. Explore a vast group of highly qualified doctors in Singapore.

Select a Care Provider
Step 2:

Select a Care Provider

Arrange a meeting with us to discuss your elderly family members’ condition so they can receive the attention they need. Retire Genie recognises that every situation is distinctive; thus, we customise each multidisciplinary care plan to meet their specific requirements.

Step 3:


To schedule a consultation, log into our site or create an account if you don’t already have one. It’s worth noting that our care managers will organise the session ahead of time.

Talk to Us
Step 4:

Talk to Us

Discover your options and move ahead with us. Simply notify our team if you want to talk about your alternatives to ageing in place.

Physiotherapy Singapore FAQs

  • How Much Does the Top House Call Doctor Singapore Charge?

    The house calls medical service of the doctors we work with begin at $150 for a 45-minute assessment for one patient in the comfort of their own home. Our house call doctors’ travel costs would be included in the charge, but medications are not included.

  • Which Government Subsidies and Schemes Can I Use Cover House Call Private Geriatrician Singapore Fees?

    By granting subsidies to Singaporean elders, the Seniors’ Mobility and Enabling Fund (SMF) delivers holistic care for the elderly to residential aged care within the community. It is necessary to have mobility and assistive technologies to live independently. In addition, they require home healthcare equipment for their geriatric rehabilitation to get government-funded care at home and community-based care.

    To encourage the elderly population to assisted living, they can qualify for the various SMF subsidies for older folks who reside at home and require assistance with assistive devices or home care.

    A walking stick, wheelchair, pressure-relieving cushion, and hospital bed, along with eyewear and hearing aids, are among the assistive devices offered. Also, catheters, supplements, medicines delivery service, adult diapers, nasal tubing, and wound dressings are all covered by home healthcare supplies. These are for ailing seniors who could continue in healthcare facilities but prefer to remain at home and be assisted by home healthcare in their local.

  • Are Specialists Also Available for House Call or Only General Practitioners?

    A general practitioner receives additional training in overall health, whereas a specialist, such as an occupational therapist, focuses on a specialised field. In most cases, your general practitioner will refer patients to a specialist in a particular field of medicine.

    Also, the general practitioner can do a series of tests “in house” or send a patient to a specialist for off-site evaluation of a specific disease or condition. Though specialists understand the benefits of house calls, many doctors say that due to the non-level of care given at home, substantial patient loads and poor remuneration make house visits unfeasible.

  • How to Know What Kind of Specialist My Elderly Needs?

    After consulting with one of the geriatricians we work with, some of the best in Singapore, they will refer your loved ones to a specialist if necessary. Geriatricians are primary care providers (PCP) who treat older people. These doctors have completed an internal medicine or a family medicine residency and thus is board-certified to treat the elderly.

    They specialise in treating the numerous medical conditions that come with ageing. Your ageing relatives should see one. Finding the right PCP can often be as simple as acquiring a recommendation from someone you trust.

    A licensed geriatrician in Singapore has specialised training in helping elderly patients and collaborating with their various national healthcare group. The geriatric monitoring unit may work in various settings, including outpatient clinics, nursing homes, and hospitals. They also frequently collaborate with specialists and other general practitioners as part of a medical team to assist older people with numerous health issues or complex conditions.

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