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Introducing Retire Genie House Call Doctor Services

As people age, they find the necessary trips to hospitals for their doctor’s appointments a challenge. If you are at this point in your life or have an ageing loved one who needs professional help, what do you do? Let the doctors see you!

Among the top, Retire Genie Singapore elderly care services is providing house call doctors. It allows you to contact or use its super-app to schedule an appointment with a 24-hour house-call doctor Singapore. Now you don’t have to watch a loved one suffer in vain. The doctor can check on the patient anytime and anywhere.

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We specialize in home nursing care Singapore and in ensuring that we assign the right professionals to provide quality care and address the patients' needs.

Booking Health Professionals for your Elderly Family Members is Easy!

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Select A Type of Service

What do you need a house call doctor for? You can use our website or super-app to choose the type of assistance you or the patient requires.

Aside from checkups, our house-call doctor Singapore can visit you for a consultation, perform medical screening, or do simple surgical procedures.

Select Service Provider

Some family members put their loved ones in elderly home care Singapore so that a doctor can often see and monitor their health. This is something that Retire Genie has taken care of. We have partnered with Singapore-licensed doctors qualified to render immediate medical attention as house-call doctors.

Book Your Free Home Care Consultation

You no longer have an excuse to delay your loved one’s check-up. You never know, but what seemed to be a simple flu may already be a life-threatening condition.

Our doctors offer free home care consultations. So make that call today and book an appointment.

Meet Your Personal Care Provider!

Forget about the long queues and long hours of waiting at the hospital. Retire Genie brings a house-call doctor Singapore right to your doorstep. They render top-notch medical care, health screening, and advanced wound care. Moreover, your doctor house call can perform simple surgical procedures and other services.

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Make healthcare a priority all the time. Book a consultation, make a follow-up, or ask questions now. You can request a call doctor in Singapore anytime, even during public holidays.

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Frequently asked questions


Who are the Retire Genie House Call Doctors?

We have a host of excellent general practitioners providing quality care right at your doorstep. You can schedule the home visit of these doctors on your own time.

They can look into and treat common illnesses like abdominal pain or flu. What’s more, they can check the patient’s overall health, chronic conditions, diabetes, and more.

Furthermore, these doctors can catch symptoms, such as slurred speech, before they can wreak havoc on your elderly loved one’s wellbeing. Since you’re no longer required to go to a hospital or clinic, the doctor can give undivided attention to patients.

What is the average rate for House Call Doctors for seniors?

The home visit to patients typically consists of a 45-minute assessment that can cost about $150. The rate includes travel expenses from their clinics to your home and excludes medication and laboratory fees.

All doctors from Retire Genie are affiliated with Singapore medical council. They are qualified to provide medical attention, health screening, prescribe medicines, and release a medical certificate if requested.

Depending on the case, the patient’s medical records, and health screening results, the doctor may suggest Singapore home nursing services care for the patient.

How fast can I get licensed House Call Doctors with Retire Genie?

No matter where you are in Singapore, you can contact us to consult ask about the hours and availability of your preferred doctor. We can also arrange immediate appointments for emergency cases.

Can I cancel or reschedule my booking with a House Call Doctor?

Reach out to us immediately for any changes regarding the booked schedule. Disregarding appointments when it’s a few days or hours near may cost you a cancellation fee.

We know that accidents may happen or the ageing patient may suddenly feel like they don’t want medical attention on any given day. But our doctors have a full schedule for most hours of the day.

Your booked appointment means another patient had to wait or go to a Singapore clinic to seek treatment.

What kind of medical services can House Call Doctors provide?

Our Singapore doctors can render simple surgical procedures, advanced healthcare planning, medical attention, and overall wellness checkups.

They can also make referrals to specialists or request patients to undergo therapies if these will improve their health and lives.

What medical conditions can a House Call Doctors treat?

They can do most checkups and treatments typically done at a Singapore clinic. Furthermore, they can prescribe proper medications or request a specialist if needed.

When should I take my elderly loved one to a hospital instead of seeking medical care from a House Call Doctor?

We will go over the patient’s medical record once you have reached out to us. Rest assured that we will advise you to take the patient to a hospital if we deem that their condition cannot be properly treated at home.