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At Retire Genie, we go beyond standard care, offering personalized solutions and optional add-ons to create homes that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, ensuring a holistic and enriching experience for your elderly family members. Discover a new standard of care at Retire Genie, where our commitment to excellence shines through in every detail. 

Dementia Care

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Cleaning & Washing

Maintenance & Repairs

Carers For Dementia

General maintenance

Retire Genie excels in ensuring the longevity of your loved ones’ living spaces. Our skilled team provides meticulous general maintenance, addressing any wear and tear promptly. With our expertise, your seniors can enjoy a safe and comfortable home environment, tailored to their unique needs.

Carers For Dementia

Care Giving Services

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Care Giving (Basic)

At Retire Genie, we prioritize the well-being of your elderly family members. Our Care Giving (Basic) service offers compassionate support, addressing daily needs and fostering a nurturing environment. Trust us to provide personalized care that enhances the quality of life for your seniors.

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Care Coordination Services

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Care Coordination (Basic) 

Retire Genie simplifies the complexities of caregiving with our Care Coordination (Basic) service. We seamlessly manage healthcare appointments, medication schedules, and more. This ensures your elderly loved ones receive comprehensive care, promoting their health and allowing them to age gracefully.

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Optional Add Ons (Cleaning & Washing)

Ceiling Fan Cleaning (per fan)

Elevate your seniors' living spaces with our optional Ceiling Fan Cleaning service. Retire Genie's meticulous approach ensures dust-free, smoothly operating fans. This small touch enhances not just cleanliness but also the overall comfort of your loved ones' homes.

Cooker Hood Cleaning (per hood)

Retire Genie understands the importance of a clean kitchen. Our Cooker Hood Cleaning service ensures a hygienic cooking environment for your seniors. Let us handle the details, providing a spotless and safe kitchen space for their culinary adventures.

Kitchen Cabinet Organising

Simplify daily routines with our Kitchen Cabinet Organizing service. Retire Genie maximizes storage efficiency, creating an organized and accessible kitchen space for your elderly loved ones. This optional add-on enhances convenience, making their daily activities more enjoyable.

Optional Add Ons (Maintenance & Repairs)

Air Con- Normal Servicing

Retire Genie enhances your seniors' comfort with our Air Con- Normal Servicing. Our expert team ensures their cooling systems operate efficiently, creating a consistently pleasant living environment. Trust us to maintain optimal conditions, fostering a serene and enjoyable home atmosphere for your loved ones.

Painter Service

Transform your loved ones' living spaces with Retire Genie's Painter Service. Our skilled professionals bring vibrancy and freshness to their homes, creating personalized color schemes that not only enhance aesthetics but also promote a positive and uplifting atmosphere. Choose us for a home that reflects joy and comfort.

Moving Service

Make transitions seamless with Retire Genie's Moving Service. Whether downsizing or relocating, our expert team ensures a stress-free move. From packing to setup, we handle logistics, allowing your seniors to focus on the excitement of their new chapter. Trust us to make moving a smooth and joyful experience.

Handyman Services (Labour only)

Retire Genie simplifies home repairs with our Handyman Services. From minor fixes to installations, our skilled professionals handle it all. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your seniors' homes are in capable hands. Choose us for reliable and efficient handyman solutions, ensuring their living spaces are both functional and safe.

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