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Private Nursing For Elderly Care: How Much Does It Cost?

Nov 30, 2022

Essentially, the key to complete recovery following surgery or treatment for the elderly is self-care and adequate rest. To acquire the care the seniors require after being discharged, the family members must, in fact, spend a significant amount of time and effort figuring out workable care arrangements, including mobility and waiting in lines for doctor’s appointments. 

Patients with chronic diseases may make frequent and routine trips to health facilities, hospitals, or treatment centers to get nursing care. Unfortunately, medical visits are frequently long, and the travel can be expensive and inconvenient, especially for elderly people with mobility issues.

Complex nursing procedures, generally, can also be carried out at home in addition to hospitals and care centers. Professional private nurses may deliver the individualized nursing care through home nursing services your elders require right to your door, sparing them the trouble and expense of travel as well as avoiding long lines. Most significantly, your seniors can relax and recover in the convenience of your home right away following the treatments.

How Does Hiring a Private Nurse at Home Work?

Contingent on their patients’ choices and capabilities, private nurses can be their nurses at home and provide them with home healthcare and companionship. They can help with routine tasks including changing diapers and catheter bags. Like numerous other qualified nurses for home care, private nurses can also evaluate any home safety hazards that might impede your senior loved ones’ rehabilitation.

Licensed nurses accredited by the Singapore Nursing Board can even provide home nursing care services including medication management and ensuring that the appropriate medications are administered at the appropriate times to manage medical conditions and avoid adverse drug interactions by having a specialized understanding of drugs and medications.

Apart from handling medications, they are also in charge of wound care, administering IV medications, such as antibiotics and painkillers, as well as blood dressing and management over their professional career. Also, quality nursing care can be provided to a patient at home by a caregiver, however, registered nurses also provide specialized medical treatment as required.

How Much Does A Private Nurse Cost?

In general, employing a private nurse mostly relies upon how much elder care assistance is required—hourly, half-day, or full-day—and if the patient is eligible for government-funded grants, which can significantly lower the cost.

The cost of hiring a private nurse varies depending on the agency, but on average, home nursing care costs between $25 and $125 per hour, depending on the level of federal assistance. While this is going on, the rate is only good from 8:00 am through regular business hours. to 6:00 pm. Even at the highest subsidized rate, the cost of night-shift care for these trained nurses has the possibility to increase, from more than $50 to $230 per hour.

How Does Hiring A Live-in Caregiver Work?

A live-in caregiver with experience can typically help a person with daily tasks and provide constant companionship. Additionally, they help with daily activities like eating, dressing, showering, moving, walking, going to medical appointments, and using the restroom as well as with personal care. A caregiver will also provide your older loved one with a reliable source of social engagement and emotional security.

Despite not being trained nurses and are therefore unable to perform a nursing procedure, live-in caregivers are qualified to monitor the health condition and medical records of patients in their care. Contrarily, caregivers provide their older patients with companionship in conjunction with essential support services for daily responsibilities. Live-in caregivers are also needed to assist the seniors with simple routines including personal care. That said, an excellent choice for the elderly who prefers to stay at their own home but needs some assistance with their daily activities, and a home nursing service is a full-time live-in caregiver for the elderly. 

How Much Does A Live-in Caregiver Cost?

On average, families should anticipate paying a live-in caregiver a monthly compensation that ranges from $600 to $1,000. However, the price of employing a live-in caregiver may vary depending on the agency and the expertise of the caregiver chosen. Additionally, a Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) levy is required; however, if your family applies, you can pay it at a reduced cost of $60 per month. Also, employers must pay an agency fee that can be anywhere between $1,000 and $2,500. This fee includes any applications for work permits as well as any associated medical exams, consultations, and follow-up assessments.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) offers the Home Caregiving Grant (HCG), which grants a monthly cash payment of up to $200 to offset the monthly charge of home caregiving, to assist with the expense of hiring a live-in caregiver.

Looking for ways to Protect Your Ageing Parents?

When considering options for an aging parent, choosing the best care option for your loved ones may be difficult. Additionally, older people who choose to remain solely in the safety and convenience of their own homes should pursue home nursing care. It is indeed a type of integrated service given to elderly individuals who require care services to lead better lives. It includes personalized care, medical attention, and a wide range of other amenities to improve the health of your senior loved ones.

Being concerned about a loved one who is ill may cause stress for everyone, which is why many healthcare organizations advocate for in-home nursing services. Many people discover that recovering and rehabilitating at home goes more smoothly, especially with home nurses. If your elderly loved one is recovering from a chronic condition, an injury, or an operation, they can now access the complete range of medical treatments.

Why Retire Genie Should Be Your First Choice as Partner in Choosing Your Parent’s Caregiver?

All senior patients should receive the highest level of care in any and all circumstances. Considering this, it is only logical that seniors should have the option to age independently in place in their residences. With the aid of home care for seniors in Singapore, the best company and medical treatment may be obtained right in the convenience of one’s own home.

The eventual aim of home care nursing is to provide your senior loved ones with a comfortable, secure, and familiar place to live so they can enjoy their old age to the fullest. Do not however forget to consider this alternative when searching for the most suitable living arrangements as your elderly loved ones age.

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