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How Does Retire Genie Provide Caregiving Services?

Growing old doesn’t have to be a burden. Take it from us, an established elderly co-living Singapore provider, Retire Genie. We have a good support network of caregiving agencies and caregivers in Singapore. Moreover, we provide caregiver training courses to ensure our care recipients and their families have a positive and fulfilling caregiving journey.

If you require nursing and personal care for a loved one, we’re here to help. We will provide you with resources and assist you in finding the right live-in caregiver match equipped with essential skills and compassion for those in need of short or long-term elderly care.


See Our Caregiving Service Providers

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RC Caregivers

This agency offers live-in senior care services enabling older adults to live comfortably. It also helps clients find caregivers with skills suited to their needs.

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Best Employment Caregivers

It offers employment to people whose hearts are into caregiving. Then, it moulds them into becoming the most efficient caregivers Singapore has ever had.

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FirstCare Consultancy Caregivers

This allied health staffing agency provides consultation services. Moreso, it deals with recruiting capable and willing individuals to work in elderly home care.

Booking Health Professionals for Your Elderly Family Members Is Easy!

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Select a Type of Service

Different elderly folks require varying services and care needs. Go through our list of elderly care services, and check the caregiver support action plan best suited to your loved one. We can also match you with a live-in caregiver Singapore, nursing aides, and related support groups.

Select Service Provider

Let’s talk about the health and mobility conditions of your loved ones. This will help us assess the essential skills needed by a caregiver to provide the best care for the patient. We can also help devise plans to ensure the most comfortable life for your ageing family member.

Book Your Free Home Care Consultation

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Get in touch with us once you are set about the home nursing requirements or what you’re looking for in a live-in caregiver. You can reach us through our various mediums and platforms. We offer free virtual consultations and bookings for caregivers or nursing homes.

Meet Your Personal Care Provider!

Move In!

We will brief and train your chosen caregivers about their roles and how they can be of service to your ageing loved one. Rest assured that they are aware of the patient’s mobility condition and other support required before meeting with you and the care recipient.

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Your elderly support services, now easily accessible anytime and anywhere in Singapore you are. You can ease your worries knowing that help is always on the way. Download our app today and try it for yourself!

Frequently asked questions


How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Caregiver in Singapore?

The rate of elder care and caregiver Singapore depends on the services the patient requires. Without subsidies, home care nursing services range from $20 to $25 per hour. On the other hand, daycare and senior care centres cost around $900 and $1,500 per month. Lastly, senior housing may charge a monthly rate of $1,200 to $3,500.

How Long Does It Take for a Caregiver to Start Working After a Successful Booking?

We can match you with your preferred caregivers Singapore a day or two after creating a request. They will immediately get notified about their roles, especially if they are required to perform light housekeeping duties. Then, we will run them over caregiver training to suit the patient’s needs, and they can start as soon as you need them.

What Interview Tips Can You Give for a Caregiver for the Elderly?

We will arrange a private interview between you and suitable applicants. This way, you can gauge their personalities and who among them can provide emotional support and the best care for your loved one. Make sure to ask them everything, especially if the patient has certain conditions, like dementia or disabilities, requiring more training in dealing with an elderly patient and using assistive devices.

How Many Rest Days Are Caregivers Entitled To?

The Ministry of Manpower or MOM in Singapore requires one rest day per week for all caregivers working as foreign domestic workers. While most caregivers prefer Sunday as a day off, you can negotiate with them to change schedules to suit your needs.

Are Retire Genie Caregivers Live-in or Stay Out?

Depending on your requirements, you can request the most suitable arrangement for your caregivers. You can opt to get live-in caregivers if you want only one person to assist and monitor the patient 24/7.

However, you can still get the same round-the-clock service with different caregivers providing assistance on a shifting schedule if you prefer the stay-out option.

Are Retire Genie Caregivers Full-Time or Part-Time?

This is where our assessment of the needs of your loved one will come into play. We will recommend a part time caregiver if the patient only needs assistance with meal preparation, self-care, home care, and medication reminders. On the other hand, we will advise you to hire a full-time caregiver for sick seniors who need constant monitoring and supervision.