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Helping Your Elderly Loved Ones Live a Happier, More Comfortable Life With Our Caregivers

Whenever an elderly loved one is diagnosed with a health problem in Singapore, family members frequently assume the responsibility of the primary caregiver. As we may believe we can handle things on our own at first, a lack of practical caregiving abilities, awareness, and assistance can degrade healthcare quality and escalate caregiver burnout.

Our caregivers can aid you if you require more extended care to treat advanced conditions or temporary assistance as you step away from looking after others or focus on yourself.

What are Caregivers?

Caregivers offer care to individuals who require consistent or daily assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs). The care recipients, who range from children to elderly adults and have chronic medical conditions or disabilities, can stay in domestic or institutional settings.

Caregivers can also assist with post-operative management. The few who live alone or are unfamiliar with good care practices frequently return to the hospital after being released. Professional caregivers can assist with everyday activities and ensure that treatment persists beyond acute care, guaranteeing complete healing and minimizing hospitalization.

Live-in caregivers also assist the seniors with specialized housework and take them to medical appointments. Even yet, they cannot assist other family members with essential household tasks.

Our Caregiver Partners

Our caregivers are all trained, accredited, and authorised to provide the care and support that your elderly relatives need.

What Is the Benefit of Having Caregivers in Singapore? And Why We Provide the Best Caregiving Services?

Having an extra set of hands can significantly reduce the strain on family caregivers, either momentarily or over time.

Professional and qualified caregivers who deemed competent knowledge and essential skills needed can help you take up the slack and lead you through your caregiving journey, assuring that your loved one gets the support and attention they need. Keeping a trained expert on hand, such as one of our caregivers, can support with the following roles that provide integrated care:

Personal Care

Support with activities of daily living (ADLs), which includes feeding, showering, clothing, going to the toilet, transportation, and continence management.

Emotional Support

Lending your loved one a sympathetic ear and expressing your concern and support. You and your senior relative can participate in social support groups in the community.

Health and Wellness Management

Ascertain that your loved one engages in physical activities, maintains a healthy diet, and receives their medications on time.

Helping With Assistive Devices

For not just the ageing seniors but for their caregivers, assistive devices are a vital helper. Caregivers explore how assistive tools can assist with mobility, communication, cleanliness and hygiene, and agility when caring for a senior at home.

Stress Management

Enhanced elderly health and well-being have been linked to stress management. The best caregiver Singapore that we work with use meditation, cognitive exercises, pilates, and breathing exercises to enable the elderly to cope with stress.

Our Caregivers’ Training

After a rigorous interview procedure with our nurse recruiters, our caregivers earned their degrees and credentials overseas and were handpicked. Only those who complete our caregiver training have been accepted as they have the necessary nursing knowledge, personality, and deep commitment to elderly care.

Since our inception, we have invested extensively in training as the innovators of specialized live-in caregiver services in Singapore. Through specialists in nursing and geriatrics, we have developed complete training and a caregiver support action plan for caregivers.

Why Choose Our Caregivers?

Professional caregivers have an additional responsibility to provide emotional support and encouragement to families and for the patient. Family caregivers, particularly lone caregivers, frequently find it reassuring to talk about their experiences with some who recognizes how difficult caregiving can be, not just for the care recipients.

We’ll work with you to create a tailored treatment plan centred on your loved one’s condition, medical needs, and other preferences for home care services, as well as make recommendations to assist with financial support for your older loved ones.

Booking a Caregiver with us is easy

Experience a hassle-free booking system with us. To book a home care solution, just follow these simple steps.

Find a Home Care Solution
Step 1:

Find a Home Care Solution

Search and hire the most qualified healthcare professional you trust. Explore a vast group of highly qualified caregivers in Singapore.

Select a Care Provider
Step 2:

Select a Care Provider

Arrange a meeting with us to discuss your elderly family members’ condition so they can receive the attention they need. Retire Genie recognises that every situation is distinctive; thus, we customise each multidisciplinary care plan to meet their specific requirements.

Step 3:


To schedule a consultation, log into our site or create an account if you don’t already have one. It’s worth noting that our care managers will organise the session ahead of time.

Talk to Us
Step 4:

Talk to Us

Discover your options and move ahead with us. Simply notify our team if you want to talk about your alternatives to ageing in place.


  • How Much Does Hiring a Caregiver in Singapore Cost?

    The expense of elder care is determined by the type of care you receive. Before subsidies, healthcare facilities and old folk’s facilities may cost anywhere from $1,200 to $3,500 per month. In comparison, daycare and senior care centres could run anywhere from $900 to $1,500 per month, and home care services might be anywhere from $20 to $25 per hour.

  • In How Many Days Until a Caregiver Starts Working From the Date of Booking?

    Once you’ve decided to hire a caregiver, we can arrange you or a loved one with a qualified caregiver in as little as 24-48 hours and start immediately.

  • How Do You Interview a Caregiver for the Elderly?

    Let’s say you’re thinking of getting a caregiver to help your family or a senior relative. In that situation, a private caregiver interview is necessary to help determine your pool of possible applicants and determine whether they’re the ideal fit for both you and your home. You can gauge how secure the caregiver is in communicating with you during the interview. It’s also a moment for the family member who needs assistance to interact or see the caregiver, for a series of questions must be prepared ahead of time.

  • How Many Rest Days Are Caregivers Entitled To?

    Because live-in caretakers are employed under the FDW program, they are eligible for one (1) weekly rest day. The client and the foreign domestic workers shall negotiate on what day of the week they will take breaks. Sunday is traditionally agreed upon as the rest day in Singapore.

  • Are Retire Genie Caregivers Live-in or Stay Out?

    Retire Genie Caregivers have the freedom to choose between stay-out and live-in care in arranging clock service care. Such services are feasible options for home care since they enable patients to stay in their homes while getting treatment from caregivers 24/7.

    With live-in care, one caregiver is assigned for 24 hours every day. It guarantees that the seniors are cared for consistently and build bonds with their providers. Stay-at-home care provides the benefit of guaranteeing that a caregiver is on hand anytime a patient requires help.

  • Are Retire Genie Caregivers Full-Time or Part-Time?

    Depending on the assessment of our care professionals on the care needs of your loved one, we will recommend either a full-time or part-time professional to provide the best care services. Part of providing personalized care is the input from your family on the amount of specialised care your elderly loved ones may need.

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