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Our care facilities are deliberately built to accommodate community activities for the elderly, all while receiving round-the-clock affordable care. The services provided within our walls, resources, and medical care will give your loved ones the most out of their stay.

As the #1 Senior Co-living brand, Retire Genie is the leading alternative for nursing homes in Singapore with immediate solutions to the typical long wait times.

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What is a Retire Genie Co-living Home?

Assisted Care Facility

A Retire Genie co-living space provides the same (if not more) elderly support services that nursing homes in Singapore have at a basic cost. Our elderly studio apartments and senior group homes have 24/7 robust rehabilitation care, caregiver support for safety, and holistic care for the elderly person.

Through assisted daily living, we foster community and independence among elderly residents, with trained caregivers to assist with routines, meal and medication administration, and extra activities like therapy. Our nursing procedures allow them to have more control over their experience while getting proper care and adequate support.

Assisted Care Facility

As an alternative to retirement homes, we maintain a clean, welcoming atmosphere enriched with recreational and therapeutic amenities. This enables us to create a home environment where seniors can thrive, improve mental function through exercises, attend to their physical well being and spiritual well being, and receive comprehensive medical reports and assessments to ensure holistic care. On top of this, they will have access to in-house medical professionals for prompt assistance and healthcare guidance.

Retire Genie co-living homes provide a healthy residential nursing care experience besides traditional nursing homes. Our specialised care helps alleviate the stress of caregiving while empowering seniors to embrace independence and cultivate fulfilling lifestyles.

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To take care of your elderly loved ones, choose the far more qualified elder care provider you can trust. Evaluate a variety of our elderly care services Singapore, such as nursing homes, assisted living communities, and dementia care, and take into account the particular care that your older loved ones may require.

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Recognizing that every condition is particularly special, Retire Genie creates a comprehensive treatment plan for each care recipient that is tailored to their particular needs.

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Reach us through one of our communication platforms to set up a confirmed booking or a facility visit, and one of our care staff will arrange it in advance.

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Choose the ideal place for your elderly family members so they may take advantage of the nursing care offered at our nursing home communities.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How Are Nursing Homes and Old Folks’ Homes Different?

Within its confines, an old age home takes steps to give elderly residents independence, leisure time, social opportunities, and adequate healthcare. Alternatively, nursing homes are for elderly persons who need 24-hour care because of a condition or senility.

Seniors in need of assistance with everyday chores who are immobilized or just moderately mobile might get care at nursing homes in Singapore. While a retirement and rehabilitation community is similar to an old folks’ home, where seniors may be able to live independently, but will still be needing assistance.

How Does a Private Hospital Differ from a Nursing Home?

There is no question that private hospitals and nursing homes are two entirely distinct things. Private hospitals are primary healthcare facilities where individuals are sent for medical reasons or injuries, whereas nursing homes are a type of residential healthcare provider whereby elderly folks are committed to intensive care services.

In essence, a nursing home is a facility for those who do not really require hospital admission but nevertheless require care because they are unable to do so at home. In essence, it is a modestly sized, carefully designed living facility with healthcare management that focuses on long-term care, particularly for seniors.

How Do I Put My Elderly Parent in a Nursing Home?

Elderly people frequently hide the fact that they are alone or in need of assistance. It is really important to bear in mind that the vast majority of older folks will need some kind of long-term care. The elderly also shouldn’t feel guilty about acknowledging that they require more help now than they did in the past.

While selecting the most suitable elderly care services, assisted living Singapore institutions, private nursing homes, home nursing services, or perhaps a dementia care center, think about the fact that it’s crucial to take you’re elderly loved one’s concerns into consideration.

How Long Is the Wait for Nursing Home in Singapore?

The usual waiting period for admission to nursing homes is totally dependent upon openings following the completion of the necessary requirements, interview schedules, and verified documents. Some facilities take into account the resident’s particular needs, such as their mental and physical health, as well as the level of assistance required.

My Elderly Parent Requires Round-The-Clock Nursing Care. Is There a Way to Qualify for a Place in a Nursing Home?

In order to be eligible for residential care in Singapore, your senior parent’s application will typically need to go through the Agency of Integrated Care (AIC). The governmental agency makes sure that there are enough beds in all skilled nursing facilities in Singapore. Your elderly relatives may speak with certified clinical social workers in public hospitals or health centers to learn more about becoming eligible if they were able to meet the requirements for MOH Subsidies.

How Much Does the Monthly Fee Cost? Does It Include All Amenities, or Do I Have to Pay for Consumables?

Depending on whether your elderly loved one qualifies for MOH subsidies, the average monthly basic cost of a nursing home ranges between $700 and $4,000 on average. A minimal deposit, a one-time admittance fee, or other extra expenses are a few acceptable additional expenses.

How Do I Qualify for Subsidies?

If you want to learn if you qualify for government subsidies and help to register for subsidies, speak with a corresponding medical social worker. In order to determine whether you qualify for financial support at a public or private nursing home, they will be able to process you for a means test using the National Means Testing System administered by the MOH.

Is There a Minimum Stay Duration at Your Partner Nursing Homes? Is My Elderly Able to Stay for a Few Days?

The average length of stay in nursing homes varies greatly, with roughly 25% of patients staying for just only a few months or less. Many people who spend little time in a nursing home are first hospitalized for rehabilitation or palliative end-of-life care. In contrast, respite care is a form of short-term assistance that can last a few weeks, about one to four.

How Does Retire Genie Choose Its Nursing Home Partners?

At Retire Genie, our care providers are cognizant that older adults should be in the optimal state of health. Thus, we establish highly qualified relationships with healthcare facilities to ensure that our elderly receive the most effective healthcare services necessary. These partnerships demonstrate our dedication to creating a culture where seniors can flourish while receiving the proper support and care to preserve their abilities and capacities.