Pioneer Generation: Support and Recognition for Pioneers in Singapore

Jia Hui

Jia Hui is a content marketer who loves helping others and hopes to make this world a kinder place in any way she can.

Jia Hui

Jia Hui is a content marketer who loves helping others and hopes to make this world a kinder place in any way she can.

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The Pioneer Generation of Singapore has over the years made a substantial contribution to the growth of our country. Discover your eligibility status along with the way the Pioneer Generation Package recognizes and acknowledges them for their contributions to the country.

Singapore’s Pioneer Generation: Who Are They?

Aiming at Singaporeans born on or prior to the end of December 1949, the Pioneer Generation Package recognizes its eligible members if they also have become a Singaporean citizen by December 31, 1986, or earlier to be considered. Entering your NRIC number will allow you to quickly and easily verify your eligibility if you have any doubts.

Younger residents of Singapore cannot get Pioneer Generation incentives. Should you reach a specific age, you do not immediately qualify for the pioneer generation program. The roughly 450,000 persons who fit the requirements are the only ones for whom it is intended.

What Exactly Is the Pioneer Generation Package?

Singapore’s fast progress wouldn’t have been conceivable if it weren’t for our Pioneer Generation paving the road forward throughout the years. The authorities have unveiled the Pioneer Generation Package as a way of saying “thank you” and “honor” to our Pioneer Generation for their unselfish service and youthful sacrifices. There are roughly 450,000 Singaporeans who qualify for benefits under this program. The nine-billion-dollar program, which was introduced in 2014, offers a wide range of healthcare and social assistance services to assist eligible seniors in preparing for retirement or considering moving into Singapore elderly apartments.

It is understandable that access to information might occasionally be difficult for elders and their caregivers. In order to help you or your older family members rapidly comprehend the benefits of the Pioneer Generation Package, we have brought together this article.

What Are the Benefits of the Pioneer Generation Package?

MediSave Top-Ups

For the rest of their lives, all Pioneers will get yearly MediSave top-ups that vary from $250 through $9001, based on their birth generation. Such top-ups may be employed in order to reduce MediShield Life, ElderShield, and CareShield Life rates even further. According to MOF, in order to aid with their increased MediShield Life insurance rates, older Pioneers with significant pre-existing diseases who are paying more premiums will get supplementary MediSave top-ups between $50 to $200 throughout 2021 to 2025.

Outpatient Care

Generally, recipients will receive another fifty percent off of subsidized services and pharmaceuticals at polyclinics as well as  Public Specialist Outpatient Clinics for outpatient treatment in addition to any currently valid relevant subsidies, and you will only be required to pay for half of your total cost. Seniors with moderate to severe impairments are also eligible for an extra $1200 annually, covered by the Pioneer Generation Disability Assistance Scheme.

MediShield Life

All Pioneers MediShield Life premiums are supported by exceptional premium discounts of as much as sixty percent and MediSave top-ups that range from $250 to $900. Pioneers whose birth year is 1934 or before will thus have their premiums paid in full. The premiums are completely paid for younger Pioneers born between 1935 and 1949, nearly two-thirds of whom are covered.

Supplementary Careshield Life Participation Incentive

Once you enroll in Careshield Life in 2021, and it becomes accessible to you, you will receive a total reward of an additional $4000. If you sign up by December 31, 2023, the sum will be dispersed over ten years and applied to reduce your yearly Careshield Life Premiums. It is in addition to any means-tested premium reimbursements you might be currently getting.

Pioneer Generation Disability Assistance Scheme

Seniors frequently lose their ability to move around as they become older, and they could even struggle to do simple actions like getting dressed or taking a shower. However, the Pioneer Generation Disability Assistance Scheme offers such people a lifetime cash benefit of $100 each month.

How to Be Eligible?

Senior citizens who meet the following two requirements and are Singaporean citizens are qualified for the Pioneer Generation Package:

  1. 16 years of age or older in 1965, meaning:
  • born on or prior to the end of December 1949
  • aged 65 or older in 2014
  1. acquired citizenship on or prior to December 31, 1986.

The relevant authorities promptly establish a person’s eligibility for the Pioneer Generation Package based on their recent citizen records.

Additional Financial Assistance Schemes for the Pioneer Generation

We’ve also included additional details about the Pioneer Generation Package’s unique advantages and programs in greater length below if you’d want to learn more about it and its services.

Community Health Assist Scheme

All Singaporeans can obtain financial aid for general practitioners and dental facilities that participate in the Community Health Assist Scheme or CHAS, which covers all medical and dental expenses. This includes financial assistance for treatments for common ailments, long-term problems under the Chronic Diseases Management Programme, certain dentistry procedures, and health screening under Screen For Life. Also, you must keep your Pioneer Generation Card on hand in order to receive these subsidies when you attend polyclinics or even Specialist Outpatient Clinics.

Pioneer Generation Disability Assistance Scheme

The Pioneer Generation Disability Assistance Scheme is a program that provides financial assistance created especially for members of the Pioneer Generation. PioneerDAS provides financial aid of up to $100 every month for care expenses to pioneers with severe disabilities. The PioneerDAS is available to qualified Pioneers who live in Singapore and require support with at least 3 of 6 ADLs.

You must first schedule a Functional Assessment Report with a General Practitioner or other healthcare professional in order to apply for the PioneerDAS. As per MOH,  if you want a disability evaluation, you should speak with a severe disability evaluator who has received MOH accreditation. Alternatively, you can use your SingPass to provide their PioneerDAS applications through the AIC’s online site.

Medishield Life

A national health insurance program called MediShield Life is run by the Central Provident Fund Board. It helps pay for expensive outpatient operations like dialysis for renal problems and some expensive inpatient procedures including chemotherapy for cancer patients. It aims to help consumers use less of their MediSave or savings to compensate for high medical expenditures. The mandated national health insurance scheme was replaced in 2015 by MediShield Life.

In accordance with the Pioneer Generation Package, all Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents are covered; yet, Pioneers have access to additional benefits. Additionally, each pioneer will get $200 up to $800 in MediSave top-ups every year for the rest of their lives, depending on their age cohort.

CareShield Life

In the event of a serious handicap, particularly in old age, Singaporeans can get modest financial help through CareShield Life, a long-term care insurance program. It speaks explicitly to the need for lengthy medical care, or long-term care at a nursing home in Singapore or Singapore assisted living. In order to inspire Pioneers to submit applications for CareShield Life, the Pioneer Generation Package offers a $4000 participation reward. If you sign up for CareShield Life by December 31, 2023, this incentive will be stretched out over 10 years and applied to reduce your yearly rates or annual Careshield life premiums.

Pioneer Generation FAQs

What do I need to do if I’ve lost my card and require a replacement?

For support, dial 1800-650-6060.

When I reach 65 this year, will I be eligible for the Pioneer Generation package?

Not everyone who will be 65 in 5, 10, or 25 years is eligible for the Pioneer Generation package. The exceptional generation of Singapore citizens who were no less than 16 years old in 1965—or who will be 65 years old or older by the end of 2014—is wholly intended.

What locations can I go to get my Pioneer Generation benefits?

The Community Health Assist Scheme offers preferential discounts to pioneers at polyclinics, discounted Specialist Outpatient facilities at public hospitals, private General Practitioners’ offices, and dentistry facilities for subsidised services.

Is my Pioneer Generation – MediSave top-ups available for donation? How do I do that?

We apologize since your MediSave top-ups are intended for your medical needs, you are unable to donate them. Rather, we urge you to make a monetary donation of equal value to individuals in need. You may do this by using online fundraising websites.

Will I receive the MediShield Life benefits if I am also a member of an Integrated Shield Plan?

Yes. MediShield Life and an upgraded component that offers better benefits and more coverage make up Integrated Shield Plans. The MediShield Life portion of people who have IPs will be covered by the unique Pioneer Generation MediShield Life incentives.

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