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Retire Genie helps older people get great care in Singapore. They give them top facilities and good care. Elderly people can live happily and peacefully with us. They live in a kind and caring place. It’s like a retirement home where they can live as they wish.

Retirement Homes

What Is a Retire Genie Senior Group Home, or a Co-Living Elderly Home?

Singapore has a new option besides nursing homes. It’s called co-living homes. Many places in Singapore are trying this. At Retire Genie, we like co-living for seniors. We support it like we do nursing homes. We let Singaporeans choose for themselves. This might be better than nursing homes. It gives the same medical care. It might even cost less. Co-living is a kind of retirement home.

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Assisted Living

Toa Payoh

Assisted Living


Assisted Living

Bedok South

What Is a Retire Genie Senior Group Home, or a Co-Living Elderly Home?

In Singapore, there is a fresh alternative to nursing homes: the concept of a co-living home, which is an assisted living model established by many other Singaporean partnerships. At Retire Genie, we support co-living for senior citizens in the same way that we support public nursing institutions, and we give Singaporeans the power to decide for themselves. This option could be even preferable to nursing homes, providing the same level of medical care and possibly costing less.

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Assisted Living

Toa Payoh

Assisted Living


Assisted Living

Bedok South

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Assisted Living

Select a Type of Service

Choose the best elder care provider for your loved ones. Look at different places for seniors. These include group homes, shelters, and apartments. Think about nursing homes and assisted living communities. Also, consider places for dementia care. Think about the special care your older loved ones need. Assisted Living is one of these good options.

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Retire Genie knows every person is different. They make a special care plan for each person. This plan fits their exact needs. It’s for people in assisted living. This way, everyone gets the right kind of care.

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Contact us on any of our platforms. You can book a visit or a stay. One of our care team will set it up for you. They will do it before you arrive. This is for our assisted living places.

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Pick the best place for your older family members. They can get good nursing care there. This is at our senior group homes. These homes have assisted living. It’s a great choice for elderly care.

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Tell our care experts if you are looking for a place to live. This includes senior group homes for long-term care. These homes have assisted care facilities. If you want to know more about what we offer, let’s talk. You can have a free chat with us anytime. This will help you learn about our services.

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Not a Fan of Senior Group Homes?
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Retire Genie offers great care for older people. They do this in kind and friendly places. Our co-living homes have a community feel. They also provide top care. This means your elderly loved ones get help and family support. They can enjoy their later years a lot. All of this is part of our assisted care facilities

Kampong Spirit

Group homes feel more like a home than a big place. This makes them feel friendly. It's like being in a community. Seniors in these group homes feel together. This is part of our assisted care facility.

Freedom of Activity

Older people who join social activities think better. They are also less likely to get dementia. In our care, they can meet others in the community. They can also do fun activities. This is what happens in our retirement homes.


Residents get a little help but can move around freely. There are smaller places for those with mobility issues. This makes it easier for them to manage. This is part of assisted living.

Quality and Affordable Living

Group home care usually costs less. It's cheaper than other long-term care options. This is true when you pay for care yourself. This kind of care is part of retirement homes.

Fuss-Free Move-in Process

Our staff gives a warm welcome to our residents. They wish them an easy move to their new home. This is for people coming to our retirement homes. We want them to feel comfortable in their new place.

Everywhere in Singapore

We are proud to offer affordable living places in Singapore. Our services are also affordable. We make sure our elderly get the care they need. This is part of our assisted care facility. We care about helping Singapore citizens.

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Frequently asked questions


How Much Does a Senior Home Cost?

Living in a shelter or senior group home can cost $900 to $3,000 a month. If you need money help, talk to your service provider. You can also speak to a medical social worker. They can help with Housing Development Board (HDB) rental housing. Or with a one-room rental unit from the Ministry of Social and Family Development. This is about retirement homes and getting financial support.

What Is Provided in a Co-living Elderly Home?

In a senior co-living community, residents share tasks. They help with cleaning, cooking, and laundry. It has features that are good for older people. Seniors can live there and still feel independent. They are in charge of their lives. This helps reduce loneliness. Seniors can stay in their community. They live with others and are not alone. They also get care and social help. This is a part of assisted living. It helps seniors who need support.

How Does Retire Genie Choose Its Senior Group Home Partners?

For seniors, it’s common to move to a senior group home. Here, they can keep being social. They get support from each other in senior living communities. Senior co-living is good for those who want a close community. It comes with care included. It’s different from Retire Genie. We aim to work with co-living places. We want to make sure seniors are safe and happy. This is part of our assisted care facility. We focus on the well-being of older people

What are the benefits of old age homes?

Retirement homes provide safety and medical care for seniors. They offer a chance to make new friends and be social. Seniors get help with daily tasks like cooking and cleaning. These homes have activities to keep them active and happy. It’s a comfortable place for older people to live and enjoy life.

Is there a difference between care home and nursing home?

Yes, there is a difference between a care home and a nursing home. A care home, often part of retirement homes, gives basic help. It’s for seniors who need some assistance but not much medical care. A nursing home has more medical care. It’s for seniors who need regular nursing attention. So, care homes and nursing homes serve different needs of elderly people.

What's the difference between a residential home and a care home?

A residential home is like a retirement home. It’s for seniors who can mostly care for themselves. They don’t need much medical help. A care home is more like assisted living. It’s for seniors who need help with daily tasks. Both places offer different levels of support for older people.



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