Senior Discount Supermarket 2024 Guide

Jia Hui

Jia Hui is a content marketer who loves helping others and hopes to make this world a kinder place in any way she can.

Jia Hui

Jia Hui is a content marketer who loves helping others and hopes to make this world a kinder place in any way she can.

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In 2024, senior citizens in Singapore have plenty of opportunities to save on groceries with dedicated senior discounts at major supermarket chains. This guide covers two popular supermarket chains, Cold Storage and Giant, each offering significant savings for senior shoppers. Understanding these discounts can help seniors stretch their budgets further and enjoy a more comfortable shopping experience.

As cost-of-living concerns continue to grow, these supermarket discounts for seniors provide essential relief. Whether you’re a Singapore citizen, permanent resident, or part of the pioneer or Merdeka generation, these promotions are designed to make your weekly grocery shopping more affordable and rewarding.

Senior Citizen Discounts To Check Out

Cold Storage Senior Citizen Discount

Cold Storage is a well-known grocery store chain with approximately 50 outlets spread across Singapore. For seniors aged 60 and above, Cold Storage offers a 3% senior citizen discount every Wednesday. This supermarket discount for seniors is available to both Singapore citizens (SCs) and Singapore Permanent Residents (SPRs).

To take advantage of this senior citizen discount, eligible customers need to present a valid ID, such as the National Registration Identity Card (NRIC), at the cashier upon payment. However, it’s important to note the exclusion list applied to this discount. Items such as tobacco and cigarettes, infant milk powder, phone cards, Dairy Farm gift vouchers, and lottery purchases are not eligible for the discount. Additionally, the 3% discount cannot be combined with the 10% off house brands and corporate brands for UOB Delight Cardmembers, and it is not applicable for Cold Storage Online purchases.

The Cold Storage senior citizen’s discount provides a great opportunity for seniors to save on their weekly grocery expenses. Just remember to shop in-store every Wednesday, bring your ID, and check the exclusion list to maximize your savings.

Giant Senior Citizen Discount

Giant, another prominent Dairy Farm supermarket chain, boasts over 62 stores across the island. Senior shoppers can enjoy a 4% discount every Tuesday when they shop at Giant. This senior citizen discount is available to all SCs and SPRs aged 60 years and above, providing a slightly higher discount than Cold Storage.

To avail of the Giant senior citizen discount, seniors need to present a valid ID, such as the NRIC, for verification upon payment. Similar to Cold Storage, Giant’s discount comes with an exclusion list. Items such as tobacco and cigarettes, newspapers and magazines, infant milk powder, phone cards, Dairy Farm gift vouchers, lottery, and purchases from concessionaires are not eligible for the discount. The discount also does not apply to online purchases from Giant.

Shopping at Giant every Tuesday allows seniors to enjoy increased senior citizen discounts and make the most of their grocery budget. Remember to bring your ID and be aware of the exclusion list to ensure you receive your discount.

NTUC Senior Discount

NTUC FairPrice is one of the most accessible grocery stores in Singapore, with 153 FairPrice supermarkets, Xtra hypermarkets, and Finest stores across the island. From Mondays to Thursdays in 2024, senior citizens can enjoy various discounts, making NTUC a go-to for senior shoppers looking to save on their grocery bills.

Schedule for Senior Citizens Discounts at NTUC

  • Monday: 3% Pioneer Discount Scheme for Pioneer Generation cardholders.
  • Tuesday: 2% Seniors Discount Scheme for SCs and SPRs aged 60 years and above.
  • Wednesday: 3% Pioneer & Merdeka Discount Scheme for Pioneer and Merdeka Generation cardholders.
  • Thursday: 3% for CHAS Blue cardholders at FairPrice & Unity stores.

These discounts are applicable for a maximum of $200 per transaction per day, and senior shoppers must present their valid ID (NRIC, Pioneer Generation card, Merdeka Generation card, or CHAS Blue card) to the cashier or at self-checkout counters.

NTUC FairPrice Members, including Pioneer Generation, senior citizens, and Merdeka Generation who are Link members, can earn Link points on top of their respective benefits and discounts. However, these rebates are subject to declaration at FairPrice’s Annual General Meeting and are paid out annually, with a maximum spend of $6,000.

To qualify for LinkPoints, customers must present their Plus! card or use the FairPrice app. Note that LinkPoints do not apply to purchases of cigarettes, statutory items (such as 4D, Singapore Sweep, TOTO, and gift cards/gift vouchers), and infant milk powder (0-12 months). NTUC FairPrice reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.

Prime Supermarket Senior Citizen Discount

Prime Supermarket, with 25 outlets across Singapore, offers a convenient option for senior citizens to save on groceries. Prime Supermarket provides a 3% discount on purchases every Tuesday to Thursday in 2024.

The senior citizens discount at Prime is available storewide, excluding certain items such as tobacco products, alcohol, Stage 1 and 2 milk powder, Big Sweep, Prime Gift Vouchers, magazines, and newspapers. To enjoy this discount, senior citizens aged 60 years and above must be physically present in-store and present their NRIC for verification.

There is no minimum spend required, but it’s important to note that Prime members will not earn FRESH points on purchases made with the senior citizen’s discount. However, Prime$ can still be redeemed.

The discount is eligible for all SCs and SPRs aged 60 years old and above and is applicable solely for in-store purchases. Remember to present your ID before payment to ensure you receive the discount.

Sheng Siong Senior Citizen Discount

Sheng Siong, a home-grown supermarket chain with 68 outlets in Singapore, offers an impressive 4% discount for senior citizens every Tuesday and Wednesday throughout 2024.

Senior citizens shopping at Sheng Siong can enjoy the 4% discount by presenting their NRIC, Pioneer Generation card, or Merdeka Generation card as proof of identity. The discount is capped at a spending limit of $200 per receipt for eligible customers.

The discount is valid for SC & SPRs aged 60 and above, including Merdeka and Pioneer Generation seniors. However, certain items are excluded from the discount, including infant milk powder formula (Stage 1 and 2), tobacco, alcohol products, carrier plastic bags charge, phone cards, medical products and devices (including ART test kits), lottery products, and Sheng Siong shopping vouchers.

Sheng Siong reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions of this promotion without prior notice. The discount is applicable only for purchases made within Sheng Siong stores and must be claimed at the point of payment by showing the necessary proof of eligibility.

Final Thoughts

Senior citizens in Singapore can take advantage of numerous supermarket discounts to make their grocery shopping more affordable. From NTUC FairPrice’s varied weekday discounts to Prime Supermarket’s consistent savings and Sheng Siong’s substantial mid-week offers, seniors have plenty of options. By planning your purchase and shopping on the designated days—Tuesday and Wednesday—you can access significant savings. Remember to bring your valid ID and be aware of any exclusions.

For seniors seeking a Singapore nursing home or comprehensive support, Retire Genie specializes in providing assistance. Whether you need information on an available Singapore senior group home or specialized care options, they offer resources to help you make informed decisions. Enjoy your savings, and remember that a well-planned grocery trip can make a big difference in your budget and overall well-being. Happy shopping!

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