Discover the Benefits of the Caregiver Training Grant for Aspiring Caregivers

Jia Hui

Jia Hui is a content marketer who loves helping others and hopes to make this world a kinder place in any way she can.

Jia Hui

Jia Hui is a content marketer who loves helping others and hopes to make this world a kinder place in any way she can.

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The demands of elderly persons receiving care can be very different, ranging from mobility concerns to mental health challenges, making caregiving gratifying but sometimes demanding. There are specific terms and circumstances associated with each of these illnesses, and caregivers are frequently required to overnight become healthcare professionals. Here’s everything you need to know about a caregiver training grant should you put yourself in a position where you must provide care for an ageing family member.

What Is the Caregivers Training Grant?

To assist caregivers to deliver adequate, quality care for their senior loved ones, the Caregivers Training Grant, CTG, offers a $200 annual subsidy for them to take courses that have been authorized. This training course, which is offered by the Agency for Integrated Care, applies to anybody who is assigned to care for an elderly patient, whether they are a patient’s immediate family, a foreign domestic worker, or someone else entirely.

Within one fiscal year, the home caregiving grant may be requested at any time. In this case, if you submit a CTG application for 2021, you may utilize the $200 at any time between April 2021 and March 2022. The remaining $200 won’t be passed over to the subsequent financial year if you haven’t used it completely.

The $10 co-payment is rather cheap for the majority of Singaporeans, even though it is not entirely free. Siblings who are looking after their elderly parents might also benefit from the subsidy since it can be split among many caregivers. If they want to use this money, caregivers must choose a caregiver training provider that has been authorized.

Application Steps

The sole conditions for applying for the CTG are choosing a caregiver training provider that is AIC-approved and expressing your interest at least two weeks before the commencement of the course. The training provider will be in a position to ascertain if you are eligible for the grant, complete the required paperwork, and file your application on the recipient’s behalf.

To do this, you can fill out the Functional Assessment Report in person at a Singaporean physician’s office or care facility, or you can obtain a physician’s note, to obtain the disability report. Check out the application guidelines on CTG if you want to learn more about the many methods you may attend caregiver training courses.


When this happens, there might be a tendency to fill the need to surrender our elderly relatives to a nursing facility or studio apartments for senior citizens in Singapore. Finding information on how to help them or a live in caregiver who can look after them might be challenging. The CTG can help you arm yourself with the abilities and information needed to provide your loved one with the finest care possible at home.

Such approved courses from the CTG can provide us with more in-depth knowledge about the problems of our senior loved ones and teach us how to support them both in dire situations and on a daily basis. The management of stress is another topic covered in certain courses for carers. Caregiving for our loved ones may be done more skillfully when we are also equipped with the necessary information.


The following requirements must be satisfied in order to qualify for the caregiver training grant:

  • The care receiver must be a citizen or permanent resident of Singapore.
  • The care receiver must be at least 65 years old or have an official declaration from a physician of a disability.
  • Whether a member of the care recipient’s close relatives or a foreign domestic worker, the caregiver must be the primary support of the care recipient.
  • The caregiver is required to carry out any CTG-approved training courses and programs and, if applicable, get a certificate of attendance.

Please be aware that FDWs who are caring for someone who is a Singapore citizen or permanent resident and who fits the other criteria listed above are also eligible for the CTG. If you’re still having trouble making a choice, know more about the qualification here.

Several Courses Available under the Caregivers Training Grant

Only the courses listed on the Caregiver Training Courses e-calendar are eligible for the CTG to cover their expenses. The course may be taught by the instructor at your house or in a centre at a training facility. You can also access training materials using a computer or other technological devices if you want to study more at your own pace.

We can propose the courses listed below to caregivers wishing to advance their CTG-related abilities. All of these courses have a cost of $200 or less, thus the CTG grant will cover the whole cost of the fundamental course fees. In the AIC courses e-calendar, information about further training courses is available.

Advanced Caregiver Course on Diabetes Mellitus Management

Numerous Singaporeans are affected by the disease known as diabetes, which develops when our systems become resistant to the effects of insulin and experience elevated blood sugar levels. Other illnesses like heart disease and stroke may also become more likely as a result.

The curriculum on many facets of diabetes is covered in this course by N2 Hub Training Academy. The areas to learn from include understanding the several primary forms of diabetes, the potential problems associated with diabetes, and how to execute basic treatments including insulin injections and at-home monitoring of blood sugar levels. Also, you can thus benefit from this course by better understanding an underappreciated yet crucial aspect of diabetes treatment.

Basic Nursing Course for Caregivers

Caregivers may learn how to administer routine elder care and control their behaviours in the Basic Nursing Course. In addition to meeting their physical and emotional needs, they may learn how to handle caregiver stress and self-expectations, which is crucial considering the importance that looking after an elderly relative can mean to a lot of family caregivers.

Fall prevention, feeding methods, and diaper change are among the topics addressed in this course’s courses. A specific procedures section is also offered, covering topics including how to manage catheters and stoma bags, treat pressure sores, and administer tube feeding. Those who are more used to different dialects, such as foreign domestic workers and elderly carers, can feel comfortable attending the course in their tongue. You also have a choice of taking these classes in person or online, depending on your preference.

Being Dementia Aware

Alzheimer’s disease, often known as dementia, is a disorder where elderly people’s brain function starts to decline, where memory, speech, and logical reasoning can all be affected. Caregivers may be concerned about how tough daily duties are for elderly people with dementia. In some cases, family members with dementia who are being cared for by relatives may worry that their loved ones would go lost if they cannot remember how to return home.

The person-centred methods of caregiving that may help caregivers appreciate and treat dementia patients as unique persons will also be covered. This will support the caregivers in establishing a safe emotional atmosphere in which caregivers and the elderly may seek in.

Not anyone indeed ought to be left standing alone to support a senior loved one, and Retire Genie may offer you extra assistance if you need it to take care of family members who have special requirements. Dementia and Parkinson’s disease are only two of the illnesses that our care workers are trained to address. They may also lighten the load on palliative care caregivers, letting you unwind while they handle the responsibilities.

Here at Retire Genie, you can rest easy knowing that we provide your ageing family members with the care they need, whether it’s by assisting you in finding resources to advance your career or by offering support with emergency care.

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