FDW’s Employment History: A Guide to Reviewing Their Background

Jia Hui

Jia Hui is a content marketer who loves helping others and hopes to make this world a kinder place in any way she can.

Jia Hui

Jia Hui is a content marketer who loves helping others and hopes to make this world a kinder place in any way she can.

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Today, it is much more difficult to get a domestic helper than it formerly was. Fortunately, you can take measures to enhance your choice so you can stay clear of frequent maid-related issues.

Even though the agency that represents the FDW can provide essential information, there are lingering questions about the reliability of the report they created on the employee’s employment history. The career record of the FDW may be independently checked online, therefore there are still some expectations. Almost everything you must have is the basic details we’ve compiled in this guide.

What Is An FDW?

The need for senior care grows with every passing year. In contrast, hiring a private nurse to tend to your aging relative at home or moving your elderly into a nursing facility are two costly alternatives for elder care. Employing an FDW in Singapore who has experience and training in caring for the elderly is hence the recommended and most economical option.

Elderly care is one of the specialities of foreign domestic workers (FDW), also addressed as domestic helpers. Various caregiver training programs are available today, equipping foreign domestic workers with the knowledge and abilities to offer the best care possible for elderly family members.

In general, the foreign domestic worker’s major responsibilities involve going on walks with the seniors, making meals that are tailored to their dietary requirements, giving them medication when needed, and being a companion. They may be able to better comprehend the necessities of the elderly with the help of further training, which will also reassure the family.

Hiring an FDW? Your Guide to Locating the Best Maid for Your Home

Finding a domestic helper might be stressful because you’re introducing someone new into your house and giving them charge of your family’s well-being. However, there is a growing need for FDWs in Singapore, thus there may not always be a choice but to look far outside your community.

There are a few ways to employ a foreign domestic worker, of which the most preferred is through an employment agency or direct hiring. It also helps prospective employers choose the best domestic worker more conveniently. While hiring an agency would set you back a few thousand dollars, they will typically cover all the expenses involved in setting up your FDW at home. Direct hires are advantageous if you already know the domestic helper you want and want to avoid paying agency costs. While direct hires are less expensive, you are still responsible for all expenses related to hiring and relocating your foreign domestic helper.

Selecting the ideal domestic worker will be simpler if you focus your search on a few criteria, whether you are using a domestic worker agency or doing direct hiring. Literally, thousands of foreign domestic workers are already employed in Singapore, and many more apply to domestic worker firms nearly every day. Such a situation makes the overwhelming quantity of domestic helpers accessible and intimidating, given that there is no way to tell who legitimately possesses the necessary qualifications and character.

Nevertheless, there are several varieties of things you can do to streamline your search, such as comprehending the industry’s statistics and salaries, being aware of the abilities you desire in an FDW, and taking the appropriate safety measures to prevent potential abuses.

How To Obtain FDW Employment History & Previous Employers’ Feedback

Employers looking to hire domestic workers with a successful employment history might count on references from the FDW’s previous employer. In a sense, a recommendation can give you information about the FDW’s employment history, the degree to which their services were valued, and a lot about her skills and limitations.

Therefore, you should choose the qualities your prospective maid should possess before asking for advice. Also keep in mind that even though a maid may have experience based on their previous employment record, you will still need to assist them in adjusting to their new position.

Making Contact With Former Employers and Employment Agencies

To learn more about potential maid applicants, several employers prefer speaking with a current or previous employer. The employee will typically become even more appealing if the employer has favorable remarks to make and can attest to the maid’s capabilities and duties fulfilled. Asking the appropriate questions is crucial when getting in touch with a current or former employer. Ask detailed inquiries to learn additional details about the maid.

Reaching former or present employers might be challenging because some don’t want their maids to reveal their contact information, or the maid is afraid of what the employers will say. It might be simpler to communicate with your employee if they are relocating from another workplace, and you are their employer in Singapore. And that is due to the employer having to sign an issue declaration stating that they are agreeable with the transfer.

Obtaining Information About a Maid’s Previous Employers Online

Singaporeans can also contact the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) if they are unable to contact previous employers. Each foreign worker’s working history is kept on file by the ministry, and their website can be checked if you have their work permit number and a SingPass.

The department also requests input from past employers regarding the behavior, attitude, and productivity of their maids. Anyone can accomplish this by deliberately dropping the domestic helper’s name, work permit number, name of the employer, National Registration Identity Card number, and contact information.

They will be made aware of this when their employers or employment agencies apply for FDW work permits on behalf of the reported maids. The prior employer’s contact details will also be sent by the department to the agency in case they wish to follow up. You still have the option to choose to employ this domestic worker, and the ministry will handle the application. The domestic helper will only be placed on a blacklist after being accused and adjudicated guilty of a crime under Singaporean law.

What Weight Is Given to Recommendations for Foreign Domestic Workers?

The option to contact a maid’s prior clients can be useful for employers. It’s important to remember that not all employers will be unbiased, and what doesn’t work for one family might work for another. If a domestic worker decides to resign from their workplace over mistreatment, that employer can become offended and might not refer them favorably.

Irrespective of how you employ an FDW, there are a number of safety measures you need to take. The very first step in ensuring that they will be a suitable match for your family is to use a respected FDW service and confirm that they are legitimately permitted to work in Singapore. Recognizing the characteristics you want in your FDW—be they cultural, linguistic, educational, or degree of experience—is also essential if you want to interact well with them.

Why Retire Genie – The Right Homecare Provider for You

It might be challenging to find a foreign domestic helper or an elderly caregiver in Singapore who is a solid match for your household and competent in taking care of your home. You will have to ensure that you are with the right elderly co-living Singapore offers. With Retire Genie, we assist in taking absolute control of the recruiting process and choosing the ideal and most trustworthy fit for the necessities of your home so that employers may learn more about the FDW’s particulars.

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